Lemon Cake at Lee Lee’s in Harlem

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife (twitter: @HarlemHCL)



Not too long ago I had guests in town visiting from Florida who once lived in NYC. They wanted to walk the streets of Harlem. So I took them down the fabulous and famous Frederick Douglass Blvd. We get to 118th Street and FDB; and we see this adorable candy-striped awning with lovely tree stands. As we get closer, this amazing sweet smell creeps in. The smell is basically like a magnate. It pulls us in. Low and behold there is a variety of baked goods shelved in three levels for all to see – not to mention the nicest man there waiting to greet you. I believe it was Mr. Lee Lee himself. Me and my guests ended up purchasing a variety of baked goods. I had a slice of the lemon cake that was cut wide and tall. They had cinnamon rolls with pecans. My lemon cake was scrumptious with just the right amount of lemon taste. If your taste buds want something else, there was also red velvet cake and sweet potato pie available as well.

My goodness….as I write this, I am having a craving for the lemon cake now!  That’s it. I am heading to Lee Lee’s today. Why deny yourself some cake when you can walk it off by walking the streets of Harlem.  Maybe I will see you there!

283 W 118th Street close to FDB
New York, NY 10026

(917) 493-6633





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  4. harlemgal says:

    Thank you D. Bell from UptownFlavor. Its funny you mention the rhugalach. My guests enjoyed that as well.

  5. D. Bell says:

    Mr. Lee also make the best rhugalach in Harlem and some say in the city. More than likely it was Mr. Lee as he insists on working alone.

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