Aqueduct Court in Harlem’s Hamilton Heights

By HarlemGal
I search a lot of various sites about my Harlem community both for play and work. I stumbled across what I think is an extremely different real estate site and I wanted to share it with you: Check it out!

Is this the coolest or what? They make Harlem’s Hamilton Heights seem like one might be moving to Harry Potter land or Lord of the Rings! So cool in my view! What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Aqueduct Court in Harlem’s Hamilton Heights

  1. Janey,
    Thank you for your comment.
    I checked out the site you mentioned and the discussion. As an owner of a condo in Harlem, I can say I am not surprised there is a delay with this bldg or any in NYC. It’s very common for developers and real estate companies to take their sweet time to accommodate their needs, not future owners. And with the current financial markets, they will more than likely take longer. Sad but true. The bright side: this happens throughout the city, not just in Harlem, so its not an isolated incident. My advice as someone who looked for many years: if you truly love a place -hold out. I looked for years before I finally committed to a place. Now I love my condo and can’t get enough of Harlem life – guess that’s why I am blogging about it. To me, finding a NYC apartment you love is like finding a lifetime partner in NYC – there hard to come by unless you live on Mars. When you find the one, the place – go for it cause it will take another few years before you see something you truly love.
    Good luck with your future plans whatever they may be and thanks for reading

  2. I used to have a contract to buy in that building. The developer has been trying to finish that building for ages. There is a big discussion about it at for people trying to get out of their contracts.

  3. The presentation is very magical , I wish I could find the software so I could use it for a photo album. The rent for that building must be astronomical especially for the Duplex.

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