New York Magazine reports that the Harlem real estate market in experiencing a severe downturn.  

While this is true there is also plenty of evidence that Harlem will continue to adapt, grow and thrive in a number ways.  This is Manhattan.  There will always be an over-supply of people looking for affordable housing.  Harlem is on the island of Manhattan.  Which means no long/expensive commutes on subways or trains between boroughs.  This is Harlem.  Despite it’s description as a less than desirable “ghetto” by an uninformed guest on a recent Chelsea Lately show, it’s a cool place to live, steeped in history, full of life and culture, and full of local flavor which is refreshing in what is fast becoming a “big box store” world”.   It’s also full of entrepreneurs who have and will continue to make their way to Harlem and try new culinary, retail and lifestyle experiences that will further enhance the neighborhood.  

Every time I walk the streets of Harlem – and I do so regularly, I am simply amazed at the variety of people and cultures.  I love living here.  I have always loved it here.  That’s why I moved here.  That’s why I intend on staying here.  And I look forward to helping our community grow, one penny at a time – if that’s what it takes.