Posh Paws

By HarlemHouse


Do you want happy pets?  Join me and other Harlem residents who are fans of the personable small owners’ attention you get from this everything you need pet supply store.

Owner Doris Wade opened the doors to “Posh Paws” 3 years ago and has had loyal customers ever since.  Who wants to walk up to Broadway to get something your pet needs?

I went in recently… to buy food for my cat, and the knowledgeable salesperson “Katy” suggested I try something other then what I had intended to purchase.   I wasn’t sure as I am stubborn to change.   She kindly gave me a sample, and said “try this, if it works, come back tomorrow and by this instead as it is a much better product and will in the long run be healthier for your cat.”


Well, my cat liked it, and this is why I am blogging about this story today.  It’s the little things in a store like this which make all the difference.  I may never had come back with my free samples, but she was right and I want to shop there even more now.  In today’s economy, every penny counts and it’s reassuring that we have a knowledgeable pet store right in the heart of our hood.

My props of the week go to Doris and her well run shop.
2121 Frederick Douglass Blvd. (between 114th & 115th St.)

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  1. I had a similar experience like that there. I agree it’s good to support the small businesses rather then the big chain stores.

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