Kudos to UPTOWNflavor for responding to NY Times article on Harlem

By HarlemGal

I just want to give a shout out to UPTOWNflavor for writing an insightful, well thought out response regarding a recent article in The NY Times about Harlem and the real estate market.

THANK YOU  UPTOWNflavor. Click here to read her article.

7 thoughts on “Kudos to UPTOWNflavor for responding to NY Times article on Harlem”

  1. The Times got it all wrong as they sometimes do.
    And the article should have been in the Business section. Not the Real Estate section. Those who were financially involved in a high percentage of risk – be it in the stock market or real estate – lost.
    Unfortunately the neighborhoods that they raided lost too, with their properties sitting empty and boarded up.
    So much of Harlem is occupied by people who moved in recently because they love the area, the architecture, the closeness to parks. Love the fact that it’s not as congested as other areas of the City.
    All of us who bought in Harlem and call it our home know that Harlem is most certainly no ‘bust’ but a blessing.