The New York Times features Central Harlem

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I have been living in Central Harlem for about five years now and when I see a newspaper feature my community I get very excited. I immediately share these types of clips with my family back in the Southwest or friends in Washington, D.C or abroad…and now with you to say “hey, take a look at my home/community in this publication. This is where I live with so many different and interesting people. And I am proud to be a Harlemite.” Enjoy and cheers!

Central Harlem Featured in The NY Times

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4 thoughts on “The New York Times features Central Harlem

  1. I enjoyed reading the article on the Astor Row Houses. I was born and grew up on 5th ave, between 131st & 132nd street. I atttended PS 133 and played at the playground shown in the video of 5th Ave and 131st Street. I walked down 130th street from 5th to Lenox Ave all of my childhood and did not know the significance of that street. All the name of the avenues and Mt. Morris Park have been changed. I had a happy childhood growing up in Harlme which deteriorated during my teen years. A recent visit to Harlem brought back old memories and I was pleased to see how the neighborhoods are being revitalized. However people from my neeighbor -hood could not afford to live in this neighborhood now. I remember my parents paid rent of $35 per month. I remember 5th avenue before the Lenox Terrace and the public housing project between 132nd and 135th street was built.
    It was great to stroll down memory lane. I now live in Charleston, SC.

  2. Thank you Yojimbot and valgb for your comments. We adore those Astor Row houses as well. And I can completely relate to comments about “feeling blessed to live” in Harlem. I love my community too – for all of its beauty and for its flaws! Again, thanks to both for commenting on HCL!

  3. As a newcomer to Central Harlem, I knew my husband and I were making a wise financial decision for our future. Having lived on 105th St. years ago, I wasn’t intimidated by uptown living. What has taken me utterly by surprise is that I LOVE my new neighborhood. There is a sense of community, a deeply resonant culture and shared human condition that I have never experienced in 25 years in New York City. My former physician once told me, “There was a time when I wouldn’t leave Harlem to go to Heaven.” I’m not quite there yet, but I understand how he loved his Harlem of the 1940’s. Harlem isn’t perfect, but I do feel blessed to live here.

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