Global Summer (World Traveler Mix) for HarlemCondoLife by RhythmDB

By HarlemHouse


Harlemcondolife releases it’s fourth complimentary mix:  Global Summer (World Traveler) Mix.

A musical journey of hand-picked tracks that will take you on a journey through a variety of cultures and styles, much like you will find in Harlem today. Perfect end of the summer chill-out mix for cocktail parties and BBQs.

Complimentary download courtesy of HarlemCondoLife. Produced and remixed by RhythmDB.

Available for download on iTunes or streaming our streaming audio site.

For more information Visit, search for HarlemCondoLife on iTunes or Facebook or search for Rhythmdb on Myspace, iTunes or Facebook.

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4 Responses to Global Summer (World Traveler Mix) for HarlemCondoLife by RhythmDB

  1. Maria M says:

    I like the uptempo songs at the end of the mix.

  2. HarlemGuy says:

    Great selection! That U2 Remix is intense..

  3. harlemhouse says:

    Thanks for you interest. Yes, on Podbean you can preview the mix before downloading it.
    Just click on the attached link. It will also be available as a free download on iTunes after 8/09/09. Just click on the iTunes link.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is this available on any other format then iTunes?

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