Harlem's Baptist Temple Church condemned?

By Austin2Harlem
I was on my way to Spanish Harlem the other day to pick up my truck that’s being worked on and I noticed this place of worship being operated on. I wondered what happened. I went online and read that this lovely church on 116th between Lenox and Fifth Avenue is actually meeting the man upstairs…in the sky! Safe journey.

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4 Responses to Harlem's Baptist Temple Church condemned?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please Note that the building is currently under renovation and will be completed by Summer 2011. I hope to see all of the concerned citizens of the neighborhood supporting this building which could have been a landmark. Donations are being accepted for the building fund if anyone is interested in giving. The congregation has been having service in the interim at the Mosque on 116th.

  2. anonymous says:

    i know a lot about this church. they are going to start construction to put a roof on starting monday

  3. harlemgal says:

    @Susan. Thanks for reading our site. Regarding your comment, we honestly do not see much errors- maybe a comma or two. Are you talking about the post or the link?

  4. Susan Knopf says:

    Can you say “spell check?” Lots of errors. Some quotes from church leaders? They are really planning to leave a gaping hole in the building?

    Thanks for writing it.

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