Doctors, Deli's and 111 Central Park North

By HarlemGal
I walked to the 2/3 subway stop today at 110th Street and Central Park North and noticed half of the retail space is gone at 111 Central Park North. HarlemCondoLife told you about Doctor Diego moving in to that space, and there had been a lot of chatter online about a McDonalds going there and Subway. Well, we know a Subway franchise got it’s way and a deli. I guess the tenents/owners in 111CPN were able to say “no way Jose” to the golden arches. If that is in fact true, as a homeowner in Harlem I am very happy!

Author: Harlem Condo Life

2 thoughts on “Doctors, Deli's and 111 Central Park North

  1. Hi Pete,
    In my recent post, what I was conveying is that the first floor or ground floor of retail space is almost full at 111Central Park North. For the longest time, no business had moved in. When HCL first posted about this retail space, which is chopped up into various sizes, we only saw Doctor Diego’s office moved in. When I walked by yesterday, I noticed that Subway was moved in, which a reader told us about but we had not actually seen it for ourselves yet, and a deli. I also mentioned there was chatter about McDonalds wanting to lease in 111CPN, in what portion I don’t know. From what I saw was occupied yesterday, there is not much space left for a McDs. For the record though, I am not an expert on renting retail space. Therefore when I posted about how the owners and maybe business tenents kept McDonalds out based on what I saw, I professed my feelings of happiness. Hope this response clears up any confusion!

  2. This is a little unclear — are you saying there is a new tenant for the remaining retail space, or that with the doctor’s office going in there isn’t enough left for a McDonald’s?

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