Best Decorated Storefront Window Christmas Gallery

By HarlemGuy

HarlemCondoLife is pleased to announce the best decorated storefront window Christmas gallery. 

The idea is simple: send your favorites to us via email ( so we can share with others on a gallery on

I love to walk around Harlem and take in the creativity and care that local shop keepers put into their displays. 

My favorite at the moment is Posh Paws on Fred. Doug. Blvd. south of 115th street – see photo below. 

The photo below does not do it justice.  Looking for better ones so join in the fun and send us a favorite today! 

Even better yet, stop by, pay them a visit, purchase a gift, and take a pic. 

And let them know HarlemCondoLife sent you.

Help us  celebrate Harlem for the Holidays!

Author: HarlemGuy