By Harlemista

Last week New York Magazine did a cover story evaluating the best neighborhoods in New York City with their criteria including housing costs, restaurants, shopping and services, schools, diversity, green space and health and environment.  Surprisingly and disappointingly to us who live here and love it, Harlem came in an almost-bottom 50th.

And yet, in a neighboring article on the hottest neighborhoods of the future, three of ten real estate agents chose areas of Harlem as the Next Big Thing because of its space, parks, proximity to great transportation and pricing.

Personally I don’t want Harlem to become the next Park Slope, Lower East Side or (shudder) Meatpacking District. I love the diversity, the history, and the simple non-overkill of amenities. There’s a beautiful yet fragile harmony here right now. Too many New York neighborhoods have relinquished their original personalities in a frenzy of commercialism and overpopulation.  I hope we maintain a balance here.