By HarlemHouse

A reader of HarlemCondoLife asked if we would pass along this information for them.

The C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture) group that has been based at the Food Bank on 116th Street for the past decade or so is now — as of this season — member-run.

They have a new name:  Harlem Community Farm Share. And have a new Web

“The basic idea is that we are a bunch of people who have joined together to buy shares of the harvest of small, organic, family farms before the growing season begins. The farm cooperative we’re working with — a group Amish and Mennonite farmers from Pennsylvania called Lancaster Farm Fresh — will deliver our shares of their vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers each Friday from the middle of May until sometime in November.”

“We are dedicated to making good veggies available for all in the neighborhood, so we have developed a pay structure where, for roughly every three full-paying members we get, we can subsidize another two members at a lower rate.” say Carey King of the Harlem Community Farm Share.

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