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By Icare4Harlem

Whenever I’m asked, “What do you like about living in NYC?” initially I am compelled to provide the obvious “restaurants, Broadway, shopping experience” answer.  And although these are great reasons, I prefer to preface my response with “the diversity.”  Walk down any city block and you will be exposed to a vast array of people and cultures.

As I was attempting to locate a specific business on 125th St. in Harlem, I passed by the H & M Art and Home Furnishings Center. I had only planned to stop in and take a quick look but as I entered the store, it became evident that I would need more time to view the contents.

At first glance, the walls appeared to be filled with framed images of mainly African American art.  Upon closer inspection, the stacks of posters and prints revealed a wide range of subjects.  There were pictures appropriate of for any room in your home.  As I moved to the art pieces, I was pleasantly surprised to see a variety of physical objects of all shapes and sizes displayed on furniture, also available for purchase.  There is a custom framing section which offers a 1-hour service (if they’re not too busy) but usually no more than one day.

The staff is quite willing to assist you, without hovering.  I found them most accommodating and helpful in their suggestions for framing ideas.  As with any art or home décor business the products are based on personal taste.  H & M may or may not meet your needs but its worth taking a look.

H & M Art and Furnishing Center

17 East 125th St.

(Between 5th and Madison)


Mon. – Sat. 10AM – 8PM

Sun. 12 Noon – 6PM

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  2. The Room Place at Harlem Furniture will move to in-store printing of signage using color laser printers.

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  4. Lynn says:

    I walked in this morning & my job was done within 5 minutes!

  5. RhythmDB says:

    Good to know… I have some photo prints to frame. Thanks for the info.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful shop! The owner & his Family are artists. He recently had a show for Black History Month in which my Harriet Tubman hung – and before that he had a wonderful Event in December with not only visual artists but performing artists.
    Timely posting – I need to go see them tomorrow.

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