Harlem Black Arts Exhibit

by HarlemOnaBudget

Weusi poster, on sale at the Dwyer Cultural Center

“Weusi Revisited: 2010 showcases  the historically seminal work of the Weusi Collective. Founded in 1965, the Harlem-based Weusi (”way-oo-see,” which means Blackness in Swahili) are considered progenitors of the Black Arts Movement and were among the first artists to make African imagery a central part of their work.” – Dwyer Cultural Center Website (www.dwyercc.org)

If you haven’t seen it yet and you have a free afternoon this summer, go visit this amazing exhibit. I have been several times and find it to be both beautiful and powerful. Aside from the afrocentric colorful works, there is also an accompanying video featuring interviews with the individual artists who explain why and how they create their paintings. Also, it’s free! – just a suggested donation from those that can.

Weusi Painting
Gaylord Hassan in front of some of his works featured in the Weusi Reunion at the Dwyer Cultural Center. Photograph by Hubert Williams
"Unaligned" by Robert Daniels


“Weusi Revisited: 2010”
Exhibit ends September 3rd
Free ($5 suggested donation)
at the Dwyer Cultural Center
258 St. Nicholas Avenue (123rd Street)

For more information: 212-360-3255


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  1. I’m from LA and visited the show due to your recommendation. It was awesome. I brought some friends along and they were blown away by the work. I love your blogsite and keep doing your thing. It’s good to know what’s going on up in Harlem.

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