Gateway Condo in Harlem sheds part of scaffolding curtain

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife
If you were wondering what’s behind those scaffolding curtains drapping over Gateway Condominiums located at 2098 Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Central Harlem, we now have a preview! Part of the curtains are down. I believe it came down yesterday. I guess the developer wants us Harlemites to see that the center part of the construction is almost finished. I use the words “almost” cause I am hoping the center building will be painted to match the other buildings it is joined next to.
The center building that we can all see now was a vacant lot. There’s not too many of those lots left at the base of Central Harlem. Vacant lots are slowly vanishing.
As for Gateway Condo, let’s hope the other part of the curtain comes down soon from the part of the building that’s sitting on top. Last week, I saw a giant crane taking big items to the very top of the building. The construction worker on site said they were trying to cover the 11th floor.
Given all this recent activity, let’s just hope those efforts continue so that the project can be finished!

Author: Harlem Condo Life

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  1. @Ken. Thanks for checking out our blog. I like your blog site as well. As for good authentic storefronts, I recommend walking up and down Lenox Avenue starting at 110th going up to 125th. There you might find what you are looking for. As a person that has lived here for five years, places like Lenox Lounge or St. Nicks Pub still have their original fronts. Is that what you are looking for?
    Hope this helps. And again, thanks for checking us out!

  2. Excellent documentation of Harlem’s progress.

    Thanks for visiting my site. Can you recommend good Harlem storefronts? I am just beginning to explore Harlem, and am looking for old storefronts that date from the 50s to the 70s. Your advice much appreciated!

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