Hot Monday Evenings are Cool on 119.

by Harlemista

Walking home from the train Monday evening, I did my traditional turn down 119th st and was greeted by an melodic combo playing a gig on the sidewalk outside of Billie’s Black Restaurant. Chairs were set up for patrons, plenty of neighbors were hanging on the stoop and passersby (including myself) were at a dead stop listening the beautiful grooves of, I believe, Benita Charles and Friends. It was a very nice vibe.

And then, mere steps away, Mojo had a window open to the street, and in it was a great classic jazz band giving it good to a packed house. The sound spilling out on St Nicholas Ave was fantastic.

So nice to get to my ‘hood after a long first workday and enjoy Harlem. Who knew Mondays were so hot!!!  (fuzzy photos-sorry)


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