Harlem’s 115th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd getting a glass makeover

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLIfe

There is so much construction change taking place in the southwestern part of Harlem one would thing it would be impossible to keep up with. That could be the case if it weren’t for readers informing HarlemCondoLife on where to go take that next stroll around Harlem. I am learning to listen to those tips and that’s what I did today (Friday). A reader tipped HCL about a ton of retail construction happening on the southwest corner of 115th Street and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd., also known as 7th Avenue. I checked it out. Thank you Lynn!

There are two scenarios floating around about what is happening with this retail space in Harlem that I am estimating to be more than 3000 square feet. One worker said that the space is being cleaned out and turned into a laundry mat. Interesting. Not my favorite scenario since most of the buildings in the area have laundry facilities inside the building and there are two other mats close by: one on Frederick Douglass Blvd., and 114th Street and the other on St. Nicholas and 113th Street.

Another person hanging out in front of the construction, said that the owner, who happens to own the entire complex located at 1890 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd., is remodeling the space to get an entire new tenant. It is rumored that the owner of this retail space wants $15,000 in rent. I believe that is 5 thousand less than what is requested on Frederick Douglass Blvd. I hear some commercial space goes for around $20k with a ten-year commitment. Not cheap!

Overall, I hope something unique and interesting moves into this space, such as a diner or another mom and pop drug store. What do you want? Diganos! Who knows…maybe the owner is listening!

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3 thoughts on “Harlem’s 115th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd getting a glass makeover

  1. So far, nothing is going in here. I live in the building and the owner can’t even provide heat and hot water. The retail space is plagued with problems such as flooding and vermin and there is a window that is missing, allowing all sorts of weather inside.
    The owner is upside down on the property and desperate to make it profitable so he’s withholding services to the tenants in hopes of getting them to leave, so he can update all the apartments and make the building go co-op.
    I live in a remodeled apartment and pay a substantially higher rent than most everyone else. My apartment is riddled with code violations. We are now in housing court and putting our rent into an escrow account.
    Don’t buy here and do not rent here.

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