A Neighborhood Library in Harlem

By Icare4Harlem

The 115th St. branch of the New York City Public Library is not new to the neighborhood.  However, I felt that it was worth sharing my most recent experience with this institution.  Tucked around the corner of 115th St. and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd., is this small but inviting public library.

New York City Public Library, W. 115th St. Branch

My intention was to locate books that were of high interest but at a low reading level.  I wanted to compile a few references to give to adults who have very basic reading skills and wish to further their enjoyment of reading.  Even though I didn’t have a particular author in mind, a librarian on the second floor readily assisted me in my attempt to locate the specific reading materials.  After scanning the books and asking other employees, it was concluded that this branch, unfortunately,  did not possess the specific books that I requested.

I was prepared to exit the library and continue my search when one of the staff members suggested that I visit the Centers for Reading and Writing (CRW), located on 125th St.  There are locations in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island.  These centers have programs to assist adults with reading and writing difficulties and strive to improve their communication skills.  The librarian looked up the pertinent information, ran off a copy, and provided detailed directions to, two centers in the Harlem area.

I plan to investigate the programs and will report my findings in a future story.  So thanks to the pleasant and helpful staff who contributed to a wonderful experience at the W. 115th St. library.  Now, it’s off to Harlem’s CRW….

Author: Icare4Harlem

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