East Harlem to accommodate Magnolia Bakery’s expansion plans

By HarlemCondoLife
The West Village born cupcake shop is heading East, East Harlem to be exact, according to The Wall Street Journal. Magnolia Bakery has signed a 10-year lease at 1751 Park Avenue, which is on the corner of East 121st Street. Apparently Magnolia Bakery is in expansion mode even in a volatile market and the space will be used to accommodate online shoppers!
When this part of the business is up and running, don’t you think their products coming out of this location should be stamped “made in Harlem?”

Author: Harlem Condo Life

1 thought on “East Harlem to accommodate Magnolia Bakery’s expansion plans

  1. Fantastic, we need all the nice new places we can get, hopefully they will have a store also where we can purchase in too. I want to be on a board or something to help promote all of Harlem, I have many good ideas and connections..

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