Happy Black History Month

By HarlemGuy

Black History Month is a reminder of what we must do each and every day -celebrate the past, current and future achievements of African Americans.

The Egyptian revolution is a potent reminder of the power of one’s will to be free.  Something to which all Americans can relate.

There’s been a long standing discussion regarding the connection between African Americans and Egyptians.  So it’s fitting that the current revolution is happening this month.  It provides a well timed teachable moment on so many levels.

The revolution was powered by an almost spiritual belief in something better that could be willed into being.  That belief is a hallmark of African American culture which is reflected in our music, particularly Gospel.  So it is additionally fitting that HCL will also be bringing you it’s latest podcast featuring Gospel and inspirational music in honor of Black History Month.

Happy Black History Month to all of you from all of us at HarlemConoLife (HCL).

Author: HarlemGuy