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Land Yoga lands in Harlem, studio to open up on Frederick Douglass Boulevard

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife We received some wonderful and different news in our inbox yesterday! It’s generally real estate stuff in our inbox. We were informed that Land Yoga will be opening up a yoga studio at 2110 Frederick Douglass … Continue reading

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What should President Barack Obama order at Red Rooster Harlem?

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife The barricades are up on Lenox Avenue and 125th Street, the $30k checks are in, and the articles have been written about how POTUS Barack Obama will be in Harlem this evening (March 29) at Red … Continue reading

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Les Ambassades in Harlem says new location coming soon

We were eating recently at Les Ambassades in Harlem and could not help but notice the signs on each eating table that said “coming soon, new location at 341 Lenox Ave.” It looks like Les Ambassades is still moving forward … Continue reading

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See ‘True Crime New York’ films at Maysles Cinema in Harlem

I have never seen Inside Job or Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Elliot Spitzer. I have been wanting to see these two documentaries for sometime. Now is my chance to see these films right here in Harlem! ¬†According … Continue reading

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Harlem Children’s Zone launches twitter site on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Did any of you watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this past Tuesday night? Fallon interviewed Geoffrey Canada, Harlem Children’s Zone CEO, on the obvious and most important topic, education! Fallon praised Canada for his dedication to helping children in … Continue reading

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Harlem’s Bad Horse Pizza provides sneak preview of menu

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife When walking along Frederick Douglass Blvd this past weekend, I noticed that Bad Horse Pizza, soon to open at 2222 Frederick Douglass Blvd, had their menu taped to the door for all to see who passed … Continue reading

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Levain Bakery to donate gross sales to support the people of Japan

Levain Bakery, which recently opened up a store in Harlem, announced on their Facebook page that this coming Wednesday, March 23rd, they will donate 25 percent of their gross sales from their Upper Westside and Harlem shops to the Red … Continue reading

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Leelee Sobieski spotted in Harlem

By HarlemGal HarlemCondoLife An NYPD rookie was arresting someone on the streets of Harlem recently and let me tell you, this rookie appeared mean…and quite gorgeous. See photo above. Of course, the rookie I am talking about is only pretending. … Continue reading

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Rookies with LeeLee Sobieski filiming in Harlem

UPDATE: We have photos of the filming taking place along 114th and 115th Streets between Frederick Douglass Blvd and Manhattan Avenue! By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife On my way home last night, I saw several orange cones lined up along 114th … Continue reading

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Harlem students get down to Irish jig

By HarlemCondoLife Watch a Fulbright assistant from Dublin, Ireland teach students from Harlem Academy how to dance to “Some Say the Devil is Dead,” an old Irish jig. It’s adorable. Happy St. Patty’s Day! (I’ll be back to more blogging … Continue reading

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