Subway Art ??? Harlem

By HarlemGuy

I’ve always been fascinated by public transportation.  It’s one of the many reasons I love NYC.  And I’m constantly amazed at the changes technology is bringing to the everyday necessity of riding the subway.  The changes are simultaneously unsettling and yet exciting.  And sometimes the inexorable destruction leaves something beautiful albeit temporary in its wake.  That’s what came to mind when I came upon the below when leaving the subway stop at 116th and Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Harlem.


But having said that we are looking forward to the rawness of this space being replaced by something new, nice, clean which Harlemites deserve and should expect.

Author: HarlemGuy

2 thoughts on “Subway Art ??? Harlem

  1. We’re looking forward to seeing what improvements they make. We’re thining about a starting a suitable thread on our facebook page to gather feedback on what folks might like to see happen. Do you think that would be useful?

    We’ve never done an event but that could be fun if we could find a sponsor or two ;-).

    It’s easy to make friends in Harlem. In particular on its Gold Coast. Just pick and visit one of the many venues we’ve blogged about and go visit. And let them know HCL sent you.

  2. I was just thinking about how disgusting our subway station is but noticed last night that they were painting over the section you photographed, so maybe they intend to clean it up (the uptown entrance/exit on the SE corner of 116 often smells so strongly of urine I have to cover my nose, ugh).
    On a completely different note, have you guys ever put together a happy hour or a picnic? I love and am so thankful for your blog and suspect we’re neighbors… I’d love to make some new friends in the ‘hood (especially any with elementary school kids, I’m a single mom with an 8 yr old boy), but aside from just approaching friendly looking people on the street have been at a loss for how to do that 🙂

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