By HarlemHouse

Children from Kenya and Harlem unite together through song.  Youngsters from both sides of the Atlantic are blending their voices and their cultures together for a very unique summer camp in the heart of Harlem.  The children are from Kenya and Harlem and together they are part of a group called the Jirani Cultural Organization.  It was founded by the Rev. Tae Jong Rim after he witnessed young children in Nairobi picking through a trash heap for food.  He started an after school program in Kenya to teach needy African children how to sing what he calls “The Unstoppable Song Of Hope”.

The new Harlem Jirani Ensemble strives for excellence in music and art, teaching children 9 through 14 that sustained, disciplined effort and cooperation builds self-esteem and strengthens community.
“Jirani” means “good neighbor” in Swahili.
The Jirani Children’s Choir is more then just music it is teaching children to reach for the stars.
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The Harlem Jirani Ensemble and the Kenya Jirani Choir will be giving performances in the tri-state area August 19th through August 28th.
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