UPDATE: Thank You Morningsider Blog For Covering HarlemCondoLife

The Morningsider Blog was recently covered in the The New York Times in December, and announced as much on their Blog.  In doing so they were gracious enough to mentiong HarlemCondoLife as one of the many blogs in Harlem that highlight civic activities, cultural happenings, new retailers, and entertainment choices in the area.


“Today, we wanted to introduce a few of our favorite Harlem blogs that are must-reads before your next trip uptown (or around the corner)!  Combined, the blog network is sure to provide a wonderful guide to experience the diversity of living Uptown in the New Year.”


Described as “your gateway to Harlem,” HarlemCondoLife was founded by five Harlem newbies who moved to the neighborhood to seek new experiences. Today, Harlem Guy, NativeNewYorker, and Icare4Harlem, HarlemHouse still post regularly about their lives in Harlem from a variety of perspectives and first-hand accounts.

HarlemCondoLife frequently posts job opportunitiesreal estate newsrestaurant reviews, and polls, all of which help readers interact and learn about what’s popular among Harlem-enthusiasts. HarlemCondoLife also provides some intellectual stimulation by posting motivational quotationsbook reviews, and playlists and podcasts.

If you’re looking for Harlem news and inspiration, we suggest starting here: http://harlemcondolife.com/. 

The full story.

Thank you for including HarlemCondoLife.

And to all our readers, a safe and happy new year.

Author: HarlemGuy