Londel’s New Lounge Opens at 2131 Frederick Douglass

By NativeNewYorker

Londel Davis, longtime Harlemite & owner of Londel’s Supper Club at 2620 Frederick Douglass, has opened his new “L” Lounge about 25 blocks south of his well known restaurant. There is no sign on the door yet but friends who attended a pre-opening private event say the lounge is named for the long since dismantled 8th Avenue elevated train, pictures of which adorn

Pushcart vendors under the 8th Avenue elevated train at West 145th Street, Harlem, May 8, 1939.

8th Avenue El, May 1939

this classy new addition to Harlem’s “Gold Coast”. Fans of Londel’s unique blend of “continental, Cajun, and traditional Southern cuisine” will still have to travel to the 139th Street establishment – his new place is a bar lounge, not a restaurant.

(Historical image courtesy of the New York Public Library Digital Gallery, Image ID 1811327)

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5 Responses to Londel’s New Lounge Opens at 2131 Frederick Douglass

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  3. harlemhouse says:

    Just went there the other night…two thumbs up!

  4. I was there for the opening I like the atmosphere

  5. Anonymous says:

    Charged $16 for whiskey neat.
    No locks on bathroom doors.

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