Restaurant Week Begins Today!

The Twentieth annual New York City Restaurant Week begins today.  It actually runs nearly a month from July 16 through August 10th.  More than 300 restaurants are taking part this year.  Diners can enjoy a prix fixe lunch for $24.07 and dinner for $35.00.   Drinks, tips and taxes are not included in the price.

Red Rooster in Harlem is included on the list (lunch only) located at 310 Lenox Avenue at 125th Street.

For more details and a complete list of restaurants participating in the Twentieth Anniversary of NYC Restaurant Week go to

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3 Responses to Restaurant Week Begins Today!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I believe the whole concept of restaurant week was to make those venues that are usually difficult to get a table or super expensive/exclusive accessible for a week at a reasonable cost. Most Harlem restaurants menu items are already pretty low, except for a few i.e., Red Rooster, and it doesnt make sense for them to further discount their menu …. they would be operating at a loss even with volume.

  2. harlemhouse says:

    Good question. I was surprised about that. Does anyone know of any other Harlem restaurants participating? Is it too late for restaurants to join in?

  3. afinelyne says:

    Why is Red Rooster the only participating Harlem restaurant?

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