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  1. Great point Shalana! Thanks for your insightful comment. At Anon, you are entertaining and I am posting a new quote tomorrow so please continue to follow us. I hope that you will approve.

    However, I will be posting future quotes on politics as it is important that we all get out and vote. If you are not registered, please do not think your vote does not matter. Register and vote every vote counts!

  2. He’s such a dick. You normally have great QUOTES here. Can you put something that Harlem wants to read about? Get rid of this loser

  3. Marie, the EU is on the brink of disaster due to the fall in value of the Euro – the social programs in these countries have been quite successful and are in fact a great model for inclusiveness and social equity. It’s important to understand that banking practices caused the struggles these countries are suffering.

  4. Dont be too confident unless Obama has a very big lead in the polls. Everyone has to vote i think it will be a very close race.

  5. Just google the facts. It is impressive to see what president Obama has accomplished in the past four years.

    As for Governor Romney he is pretty much digging his own grave. We don’t have much to worry about with him this election. The majority wants President Obama and I have do doubts he will win.

  6. I don’t see how Obama has helped us in the last four years and if he is re-elected it will only get worse. The only thing he did for America was find Bin Laden.

  7. Mitt Romney just doesn’t seem like he has our backs the way that President Barack Obama does. We need an 8 term President and one that has already been doing the job well. Whether you think he has been doing a good or bad job, we do not have the luxury of training a new man/woman for this position right now. It is going to take cooperation from both parties to make the changes we need to make to get our economy out of the state that it is in. I do not hold anything against Mitt Romney for saying the 47% comment if that is truly what he feels. It is an honest statement and I imagine many people might also feel this way. But I’d rather help my neighbor if he/she needs our help and Obama’s long term plan is conclusive for “all of America” and that is what I am voting for. Of course everything cannot be solved within the first 4 years and maybe not even in 8 terms. But I know that he has our best interest in mind and am confident that with 4 more years of Obama in the White House our country will be in a better place. There is a genuineness to President Obama and what he says. There is a lack of sincerity and conclusiveness with Romney that you never see with Obama. I think the quote above and the hidden video is the most sincere we have seem Mitt Romney yet.

  8. Marie, I think we just need to wait for the day you get laid off, get sick, get pregnant, or get a child in University. For now it seems that you just repeat what your heard on Fox news.


  9. He is correct. 47% don’t pay federal income tax. If people receive too much in terms of social welfare then there is no incentive to get off of that welfare and support themselves. Look at what is going on in Europe. They are bankrupt and rioting because they must use austerity measures. If we don’t start cutting programs that do not work, then we will end up like the EU. Why should people who work hard have to support those that don’t? It is unfair to the majority of Americans.

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