Channeling Harlem: Ohio State Senator Nina Turner on “We the people”.


Ohio State Senator’s recent not to be missed appearance on The Last Word channels sentiments shared by many in Harlem.

*** Show excerpt one ***

O’DONELL: Senator Turner, it`s all about Ohio. We keep saying no Republican
return has every won the presidency without Ohio. What is your sense of
the president`s lead in Ohio right now? It seems to be just outside the
margin of error.

STATE SEN. NINA TURNER (D), OHIO: Well, Lawrence, Ohio is certainly
the heart of it all and we can tell that by the frequent visits by the
president here and by Governor Romney. His team is trying to make up for
their 40 percent.

You know, Republicans have a problem with the 40 percent. Here in the
state of Ohio, our governor once said I don`t need your people. We got
Governor Romney talking about he don`t need those people, and the last time
I checked we were “we the people”. And that`s who the president is
fighting for. We the people in Ohio, we the people in Iowa, we the people
in Wisconsin, we the people all across this country.

And, Lawrence, when Governor Romney has revealed exactly who he is and
we`ve got to believe him that he doesn`t care about the 47 percent in this

*** Show excerpt two ***

O`DONNELL: Senator Turner, it looks like the Obama campaign just had
to combine the story of Monday of last week with the story of Friday last
week to get what may be the most devastating ad to run in Ohio yet.

TURNER: It is, Lawrence. And I want to shout amen.

Again, Governor Romney has revealed exactly who he is. And I`ve got
to figure that Congressman Ryan probably feels like he`s in a shot gun
wedding right about now. It`s hard to be a partner of the default

And make know mistake about it, Governor Romney is the default
candidate of the Republican Party. And I don`t care how they dress it up.
It`s not going to change the fact — and Ohio is not only leaning towards
President Obama, we are right there with President Obama.

We`re going to make sure that we deliver the state of Ohio just as we
did in 2008 and help our president make history again. The president is
standing up for all folks and he doesn`t have to say one thing before
wealthy donors and another thing before poor and working and middle class
folks. He is about building from the middle out and making sure that
everybody has the opportunity to live their measure of the American dream.
We will know the tree by the fruit that it bears and the president has
been bearing righteous fruit to make sure that America is for everybody.

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  1. Great article and post. It is a good thing Senator Nina Turner is in Ohio and has such a strong opinion and valid points on this subject.

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