The Harlem Pearl – 4 Day Detox – at The 5 And Diamond


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The Harlem Pearl’s Opening Dinner and Lecture

Join us for the launch of The Lyn-Genet Plan’s The Harlem Pearl!

Tuesday, October 2 at 7pm – Lecture and dinner

The 5 and Diamond Restaurant

2072 Frederick Douglass Boulevard

(located between 112th and 113th Streets)

New York, NY 10026

$45 for a 4-course tasting menu

Lyn-Genet will be giving a lecture on The Plan and we will be serving food from The Plan cookbook.
Attendees who wish to purchase the 4 Day Detox from The Harlem Pearl will also receive free 4 days of free nutritional support with a Plan nutritionist!

The Lyn-Genet Plan is not a diet. It is a way of eating that will help you lose weight, reverse the aging process, and fight disease. Through The Plan, you will learn that your weight is nothing more than data and from this data we learn how your body reacts to certain foods. Once you determine your ‘trigger’ foods and learn how to create your own menus through working one-on-one with a nutritionist, you will be able to achieve and maintain your personal health goals.

This is for return and new clients so please spread the word to YOUR friends and family!
Space is limited, please RSVP by Friday, Sept 28 to

The Plan and The 5 and Diamond!

We’re excited to let you know you can purchase days 1-4 of The Lyn-Genet Plan from the soon to be opened Harlem Pearl! Looking for a wonderful restaurant experience? Eduardo Polit, acclaimed executive chef of The 5 and Diamond, is now serving Plan friendly food for lunch and dinner.

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6 thoughts on “The Harlem Pearl – 4 Day Detox – at The 5 And Diamond

  1. Hi, I spoke with the owner of 5 and Diamond last night and we should have the rescheduled date available in a few days. I agree It is a great idea and judging by the enthusiasm of comments so do many of you! Stay tuned and don’t forget to make a reservation. @Jen I texted you 🙂 @Anon I think 5 and Diamond is better now too although I have always loved it. Will be doing a review and photos on their new dinner selections this month!

  2. 4 day detox! where what when? Will the new date include everything listed above?
    (Daniel…call me!)

  3. They have been there for a while I read a review Harlem Condo (you I think) did on them way back when they had the first chef. I think it has gotten better over the years to be honest. I do miss the donut desert though.
    I’ll check your blog to see when the new place is opening. Any ideas?

  4. This area continues to get more interesting each day. I’ve never heard of this before but 5 and Diamond is great. I havent been there in awhile Im Looking forward to going back this Fall.

  5. Wow this is so cool I want to try the 4 Day Detox! What a fantastic name The Harlem Pearl. Please let me know when this is happening?
    Cheers! Trisha P

  6. A reader / friend to the blog (and to The 5 and Diamond) just informed us that this event had been canceled / postponed unfortunately and will not be happening tonight. We will let you know as soon as we hear more on this from the owners of The 5 & Diamond. I for one am very excited to try “The Plan” and The Harlem Pearl!!

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