Today’s Motto From Harlem…


Today’s Motto From Harlem “LOVE”
on the window of Frederick Cafe Bistro on restaurant row.  Located on the corner of Frederick Douglass Boulevard and 114th Street.

Stop in for a hot cup of coffee and try their pastries, paninis and salads.  The comfortable setting is a great spot to work on your laptop.  Next time you are passing by drop in and check out Frederick Cafe Bistro.
(breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, pastries)

6 thoughts on “Today’s Motto From Harlem…”

  1. agree with the above — no wifi -> no visits. Their coffee is good, and their sandwiches are better then Amrita. But I have approx 1hr without kids during the day. Than I want to eat and work.

  2. They have to learn their customer. It is not very crowded in there I think it would be if they added this. Duncan Donuts across the street even has wifi. I’ll check it out if they add it but until then I’m with JP, Amrita or maybe Starbucks

  3. Last time I checked they didn’t have wifi, because, “We’re not that type of cafe”. I can only guess that the laptops being used are either used unconnected or have tether plans or pick up other wifi hotspots. A shame, because I pass this place up now for the wifi at cafe Amrita 4 blocks south.

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