IBIZA 2 HARLEM – New Podcast


Check out this new compilation mix (podcast) for Harlem Condo Life.  This is a hot one!  Downbeats, jazz, R&B, lil’ bit of world music, lil’ bit of dubstep and some funky dubby soulful house.  Sync the link below into your ipod, ipad, iPhone etc., put on your headphones and enjoy.

IBIZA 2 HARLEM is available for download (free) on iTunes.

Playlist – (coming soon)

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5 Responses to IBIZA 2 HARLEM – New Podcast

  1. harlemcondolife says:

    Thanks Lovella for playing it in your store… spread the word.

  2. lovella says:

    This is a jam so much new music. Who mixed it? I downloaded it & will play it in my store. Thanks., I love it,

  3. harlemhouse says:

    Thanks arty and HarlemTrends! glad you’re Feelin’ it!

  4. Harlem Trends says:

    Thats whats up! Thanks for the mix

  5. artyb says:

    Beautiful music. Took me on a wonderful journey.

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