HarlemCondoLife In The News: A Nous Cities Magazine Special Travel Edition (12/2011)

HarlemCondoLife was featured in A Nous Magazine’s annual travel edition A Nous Cities. A Nous is based in France.

A Nous reporters traveled to Berlin, Istanbul, La Havane, Liverpool, Londres, Milan, New York, Odessa, Phnom Penh, Stockholm, Tallinn and Yalta in search of what’s new.

Their visit to New York City focussed on the renaissance of the “quartier” of Harlem. During their visit reporter Murielle Bachelier elected to contact HarlemCondoLife.

The piece covers a variety of people and places in Harlem. HarlemCondoLife has it’s own section as the featured blog. The piece includes some of HarlemCondoLife’s recommended hot spots.

A'Nous Cities HarlemCondoLife

A'Nous Cities HarlemCondoLife

A'Nous Cities HarlemCondoLife

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