How wired is Harlem in terms of broadband access?

NYC Broadband Map via

Today the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) announced the launch of the NYC Broadband Map.  The map is “an interactive record of the broadband infrastructure available in the city, as well as the go-live launch of several free pubic wifi corridors across all five boroughs”.

The Map includes broadband speeds and technologies available in commercial buildings across the city. Data comes from several partner Internet Service Providers (ISPs), City programs like WiredNYC and ConnectNYC, and crowdsourced information from businesses, building owners, and building tenants around the city, including what they have and what they need.

NYCEDC also announced the launch of ten Wifi corridors across the five boroughs providing free public Internet access for thousands of New Yorker residents and visitors.   See our previous report on a related initiative focussed on Harlem.

As the view of Harlem (see below) demonstrates, Harlem represents a huge opportunity.  Imagine the economic and social impact that delivering broadband internet access to Harlem can – and will, bring.

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