Tonnie’s Minis in Harlem closed? (temporarily)


It appears Tonnie’s Minis in Harlem has been closed for the last few weeks.  A couple weeks ago friend to our blog DestinationHarlemTV mentioned it to us and I thought I’d give it a little time before posting to see if they would reopen.  Passing by the other day they were still closed and I snapped this shot.

I spoke with the manager at their Broadway location today and was told the Harlem location is in fact closed but only temporarily.  They hope to reopen again next week for business.  Stay tuned… we will let you know as soon as we know when they have reopened so we can all go show our support!

Tonnie’s Minis 

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17 Responses to Tonnie’s Minis in Harlem closed? (temporarily)

  1. T.j says:

    Tonnies is still closed in Harlem, what a shame the cupcakes are so delicious.

  2. Lynn says:

    7/2014- There is a for sale sign on the building.

  3. Andrew Charles says:

    come on Lower Lenox!!! Falling sooooo far behind Lower FDB… This location would NEVER have closed over there!

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