Cheerios and the Superbowl: A great start to Black History Month

cheerios superbowl via harlemcondolife @harlemhcl

The Superbowl kicks off the first weekend of Black History month.  And what better time for General Mills to air it’s second Cheerios add featuring an interracial family.

A few months ago General Mills aired the first commercial “featuring a manly black actor as father, a serene white mother and their charming interracial seven-year-old, Gracie”.   It triggered a torrent of hatred on line.  So much so that General Mills had to disable comments on YouTube.  Undaunted, at this weekend’s Superbowl Cheerios is sponsoring a second commercial.  This one includes news of a baby brother on the way.  Below are the two videos plus a third that shows how kids reacted to the first.  

Love and diversity and paving new pathways is something for which Harlem has always been known.  Let’s embrace that heroic tradition.

Join us in celebrating the airing of this add during the Superbowl on Sunday.

The family

The kids react

The baby



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