No red lights on cab ride to Harlem

Taxi, Nachtfahrt
Taxi, Nachtfahrt (Photo credit:

One of my favorite things to do in New York City is to take one of those late night cab rides.  Getting lucky enough to get a driver with the knowledge, skill,  experience and desire, to deliver what is nothing short of a form of artistic expression: a non-stop-all-green/no-red-light-ride from point of origin to destination.

Apparently I am not the only one who loves these rides.   As recently reported in the Gothamist, a cab driver reportedly hit 100 consecutive green lights and captured the inspired journey on film.

And in my favorite related video, a cab drove up the entire length of 1st Avenue from 1st Street to East Harlem’s 125th Street hitting all the green lights.


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11 thoughts on “No red lights on cab ride to Harlem

  1. That was a great ride. Did you notice that yellow cabs were non existent once he passed 96th st and how the traffic light pattern changed pass 110thst every block the light was red. This driver was using a red light over ride that changes red lights to green. Police cars & emergency vehicles use that tech to change red lights in most states . If you maintain 20 mph you can travel without hitting red light, NYC trafice lights are sync to that speed.

  2. This trip up First Avenue is what keeps me drinking from the cup offered by Lady Gothem. I enjoy the green light run up CPW to my apartment on the Frederick Douglass Circle. Who knew about First Avenue?

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