Citibike in Harlem locations


Citibikes are apparently coming to Harlem.

We’d like to let the City know where our readers think the stations should be based.

To do so, please reply, retweet and/or comment etc via the social media of your choice, and make sure to include the hashtag #CitibikeInHarlem followed by your desired location.

For example: #CitibikeInHarlem Frederick Douglass and 110th

We will collect, summarize, publish and forward the responses to the City.

Author: HarlemGuy

16 thoughts on “Citibike in Harlem locations

  1. 116th between Lenox and 5th possibly by the african market or around marcus Garvey there are plenty of places around the park

  2. In the open areas they created around Mt. Morris Park, and NOT in valuable and scarce street parking spaces. Or on sidewalks of Lennox or 5th, which are wide enough to accomodate them without losing parking.

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