April 2017

‘Setup for Failure’: Tenants and Officials Blast City’s Rent-to-Own Program

Residents say the city left the units to languish for decades, despite promises to let tenants own them.

Alternative Plan to Close Rikers Within 3 Years Backed by Browder Family

A city councilmen and a candidate for state Senate said they could close the jail within three years.

Acquitted Man ‘Unlawfully Detained’ After Bail Hiked on Other Charges: Suit

A judge increased the man’s bail on separate charges after he was acquitted of attempted murder.

City’s Rent-to-Own Program a ‘Disaster’ as Investigations Loom, Source Says

The public advocate called for an independent review of the beleaguered program. 

City’s Plan to Rezone East Harlem Begins

3,500 units of housing will be created under the plan, according to the city.

Harlem Summit Aims to Educate Residents on Preservation and Development

The Saturday conference was organized by the nonprofit West Harlem Preservation Organization. 

Review: Dance Theater of Harlem Regains Its Footing

Review: Dance Theater of Harlem Regains Its Footing There was a time, five to 10 years ago, when it seemed that Dance Theater of Harlem might not survive. The company, founded in 1969 to prove that African-Americans could master ballet,… Continue Reading →

PHOTOS: Post-WWII New York City in Focus at New Museum Exhibit

“A City Seen: Todd Webb’s Postwar New York, 1945-1960” is at the Museum of the City of New York.

Harlem April 20 Issue

Harlem April 20 Issue March is nationally recognized as Women’s History Month, which highlights the extraordinary contributions made by women throughout the nation. Healthfirst celebrated Women’s History Month with a stellar tribute to 11 trailblazing women at its second annual… Continue Reading →

Harlem April 13 Issue

Earlier this month, 6,000 youth from across the tri-state area came together at Radio City Music Hall in New York City for WE Day, a youth empowerment event that celebrates everyday heroes and proves no one is too young to… Continue Reading →

Video Shows Judge Near Hudson River Night Before Her Body Was Found: NYPD

The family issued a statement this week asking the public to “step forward” with any information.

City Using East Harlem as ‘Dumping Ground’ for Sanitation Site, Locals Say

Residents fumed over a proposal to relocate a sanitation garage from E. 99th Street to E. 127th Street.

Family of Judge Found Dead in River Asks Public to ‘Step Forward’ with Info

Abdus-Salaam’s husband said reports that she committed suicide “have no basis in reality.” 

Meet the Republican Harlem Pastor Taking on ‘Bully’ De Blasio for Mayor

Michel Faulkner said Mayor Bill de Blasio has broken his promises. 

Couple Who Died from CO Poisoning Took Batteries Out of Detector, FDNY Says

Someone removed the batteries as the alarm was going off, not knowing deadly gas was filling the home.

Cat Thief Swipes Popular Kitty from East Harlem Animal Shelter, Center Says

The suspect swiped Snow from a kennel as he was being prepped for neutering, an official said. 

Elderly East Harlem Couple Found Dead from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: NYPD

Doris Crawford, 71, and John Crawford, 80, were found dead inside their home at 1952 First Ave. Sunday.

‘Someone Who Was at the Pinnacle’: Friends Recall Pioneering Harlem Judge

Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam’s death this week sent shockwaves through the legal world.

Harlem’s French Renaissance

Harlem’s French Renaissance Harlem has long had a romance with France. Well before the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s, African-American artists and musicians traveled to France to broaden their artistic vision or to escape the daily oppression of American racism…. Continue Reading →

$1,600 Stolen from Woman in Latest Mailbox Theft in Harlem, NYPD Says

Dozens of reports have been filed in the 25th Precinct regarding checks stolen from street mailboxes. 

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