Renters: Creating a Home in a Harlem Townhouse Share

October 16, 2017 By KIM VELSEY

Like many young actors, Erik Heitz, who moved to New York in 2011, has largely lived in sublets. There were six-floor walk-ups that had hot water only a few days a week; subleases of subleases in Sunnyside, Queens; and too many couches to count.

He spent a pleasant two years at his last rental, in the second bedroom of a friend’s co-op before the friend sold it to move to Portland, Ore. After that, Mr. Heitz, 30, decided it was time he finally put his name on a lease. After years of crashing, he wanted a proper home, one that he would share with other theater people and friends, as his budget ruled out living alone.

He found the home first, via the owner of the Bikram yoga studio where he practices. The owner had heard about it from a friend

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