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February 7th, 2015 by HarlemGuy harlem garden petitionCommunity gardens are a cultural link that allow neighbors to come together in a public green space, to grow fresh food, to learn about healthy diets and lifestyle choices, where the old mingle with the young, or simply cool off in the shade on a hot summer day.

Central Harlem needs community gardens like Harlem Valley Garden, Electric Ladybug, Jackie Robinson, and Pleasant Village to continue to grow community, support health, collaboration, and neighborhood solidarity.

We admire Mayor de Blasio’s progressive vision for our city and support the creation of affordable housing in all the boroughs. HPD has an opportunity to do exactly that on empty lots, while preserving the existing gardens.

Sign the petition

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March 17th, 2014 by harlemhouse

Urban Garden Center HarlemCondoLife

Those of us here at HarlemCondoLife were deeply saddened to learn that Urban Garden Center located directly across the street from the 2 buildings that exploded and collapsed in East Harlem experienced extensive damage.  Luckily none of their staff were hurt in the blast but they did lose friends and many who were seriously hurt.  I think we all join them with our deep sympathies in this devastating tragedy.  These older buildings have to be made secure so that people can feel safe in their homes.  This should have never happened and precautions must be taken so that it will not happen in the future.

So now in the aftermath we can help our neighbors. We here at the blog love this local business Urban Garden Center and visit them each year for plants in our homes as well as our common roof deck garden in the summertime. They’ve always been very neighborly and friendly.  Please visit their “help” page created by Dimitri Gatanas  and if possible do what you can to help out this local business.  It is businesses such as these which make Harlem and our community so great.  We hope that Dimitri and the crew at Urban Garden Center are rebuilding and back to normal soon just in time for Spring/Summer planting.


photo by Susan Cohan circa Spring 2013

Here is the link Urban Garden Center. Please repost / retweet and if you are able, contribute to their gofundme account.


photo by the Associated Press via the Washington Post March 12, 2014

Read more here…

“On Wednesday March 12, 2014, we began our day like any other day under the MTA viaduct on East 116th St. and Park Avenue.  What we never expected to ever happen, became our reality.  An explosion blew up two neighborbing buildings directly across from our retail shop.  We weredirectly in the ‘line of fire’ and suffered a lot of damage.  Luckily, none of our staff was hurt in the blast.  We did, however, lose friends and many are seriously hurt.

While we are thankful for being spared, the timing of this disaster has made our ability to open in time for spring questionable.  We continue to  endure a long and blistery winter.  This made for slower than expected sales.  The need for resources are more important than ever.  We personally invested into the preparation of spring, which most of the work has been blown away from the explosion.  Spring is the most important season for our business and not opening in the next couple of weeks will seriously impact our ability to stay in business….. continue reading“)

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November 26th, 2013 by HarlemGuy

via HarlemCondoLife

We thought we had missed it.

But we managed to glimpse it.

The last whispers.

Voiced in stunning visual vocabulary.

Carried by crisp brisk breezes.

Across Harlem’s ice blue sky.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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November 26th, 2013 by HarlemGuy

photo 1

Many weeks ago rectangular openings filled with dirt but level to the ground appeared dotting the cement sidewalks lining Frederick Douglass Blvd (8th avenue).  See our previous post A Million Trees coming to Frederick Douglass Boulevard in South Harlem?

These plots have now been filled with wonderful new trees, the variety of which I am uncertain.  This will be nice in the summer months especially for the restaurants which have outdoor seating.

We find this very exciting and something to look forward to this spring.

photo 2

If you have any information to share drop us a line!

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October 20th, 2013 by HarlemGuy

Call us crazy or of a wishful thinking mind but we don’t recall these tree pits ever being on the West side of Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Harlem between 115 and 116 in front of Harlem Shambles.

Regardless we certainly don’t recall there being any trees there.

Whatever the case, we really hope tress are on the way.  And all along FDB from 110 to 125.  That was certainly the plan over 7 years ago, at the start of the recent boom on FDB.

To help make trees happen in Harlem read more about the A Million Trees NYC initiative here:

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September 3rd, 2013 by HarlemGuy

I used to love to walk by this apartment on my way West to the pool or when just wandering.

This used to be the most wonderful garden. Am curious to know what happened.  I miss it.

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August 9th, 2013 by tharealharlemista


Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 9.09.06 PM

New York’s official marketing and tourism organization NYC and Company‘s latest “Neighborhood X Neighborhood” unveiled its latest campaign on  Wednesday highlighting Harlem and Washington Heights , including a multipage article on Harlem’s Foodie Renaissance and a Destination:Harlem page that includes hotspots both legendary and new alike, including the Apollo Theater, the Schomburg Center, Aloft Harlem, Sylvia’s , Amy Ruth’s,  Red Rooster, Chez Lucienne, Bier International , Billie’s Black, and the Studio Museum.

“The Harlem and Washington Heights communities have rich cultural legacies that continue to thrive,” said Deputy Cultural Affairs Commissioner Margaret Morton. “From the iconic stages at the Apollo Theater and Harlem Stage, to the rich collections of the Cloisters and Studio Museum, arts organizations in these neighborhoods provide extraordinary opportunities for visitors and residents to engage with a wide range of unique cultural activities.”



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May 18th, 2013 by HarlemGuy


I was walking through Harlem the other day and came upon a sign for in an empty lot across the street from Red Rooster, Sylvias, Etc.

I decided to learn more  about it abd wanted to share it with you.

From their site:

  • Harlem Grown is an independent, non-profit organization that partners with the NYC Parks Department and Department of Education and a variety of food advocacy and community agriculture organizations. The main function of Harlem Grown is to connect local public schools to the greater community through the use of common garden spaces and mutually engaging activities.
  • They raise support for physical renovation of abandoned lots, providing the tools, supplies and manpower to physically transform wasted space into a vibrant garden classroom through a number of grant sponsored initiatives. We also work to engage pro-bono partners in developing a structured learning curriculum that lets kids participate from the planning through the planting, crop management and harvest and finally to food preparation, nutrition and even sales.
  • Their mission is to increase the capacity of communities and students to access nature and green spaces, to engage these communities with nutritional and outdoor educational opportunities and improve access to a wider range of healthy foods while focusing on food justice issues. They address these goals by creating a living classroom opportunity for urban and at risk students and offering programming which allows in-need populations to learn about agriculture, nutrition, food sourcing and business.
  • They transform abandoned community gardens and park lots into vibrant urban farms in partnership with local public schools and the community, integrate our small farms with school curriculums thereby providing inside-city students who are traditionally cut off from access to direct experience of nature and farming a chance to learn by doing.

On a side note I am very interested in partnering with others on building large urban rooftop gardens to help educate, feed and connect our community.   An urban farm to table experience if you will.  Please let me know with whom I can connect on this topic.

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March 29th, 2013 by HarlemGuy

harlemcondolife airbnb

AIRBNB,  a leading travel accommodations booking site, has added a Harlem community profile.

AIRBNB is a perfect way for anyone wanting to visit new york city for vacation or business to find the perfect vacation rental and stay in Harlem and experience everything that Harlem has to offer – all of which was recently showcased in AMNewYork’s two page spread on Harlem featuring (twitter: @HarlemHCL).

If you are thinking about visiting New York City and/or visiting Harlem try searching AIRBNB today.

Search now.


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March 22nd, 2013 by HarlemGuy

Harlemcondolife milliontreesnyc

Spring is all about renewal. And what better time than now to help spur some urban renewal by requesting a free tree for your block via the MillionTreesNYC program.

Harlemcondolife a milliontreesnyc request now 2

Please let us know the nature of your experiences with this program. Most importantly spread the word to expand the greening of the one and only village of Harlem.

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