The Danny Tisdale Show Podcast 2018

The Danny Tisdale Show

Robb Pair Talks Harlem Real Estate Report On The Danny Tisdale Show

Robb Pair

Traci Lester Talks Dance On The Danny Tisdale Show

Traci Lester is a successful nonprofit and human services executive, former elementary school teacher, mother of an National Dance Institute (NDI) dancer and Harlem resident. NDI founded by the legendary ballet dancer Jacques d’Amboise and based in Harlem teach young girls… Continue Reading →

Eartha Watts-Hicks And Lil Nickelson Talk The Best On The Danny Tisdale Show

Listen to Harlem author of Love Changes and Editor in Chief of Harlem World Magazine Eartha Watts-Hicks, chef and food writer at Harlem World Magazine Lil Nickelson, and host Danny Tisdale on the best podcast in Harlem, The Danny Tisdale Show, talk the best of Harlem. During… Continue Reading →

Harlem Book Fair Award Winner Brooke Obie On The Danny Tisdale Show

Join Phyllis Wheatley award winner Brooke Obie at the Harlem Book Festival 2017, and Danny Tisdale host of the best show in Harlem, The Danny Tisdale Show. They discuss Obie’s what’s it like winning the Wheatley Award 2017, what makes a great book, her inspirations, of… Continue Reading →

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