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Harlem–Nowhere to go but Up?

By Harlemista Last week New York Magazine did a cover story evaluating the best neighborhoods in New York City with their criteria including housing costs, restaurants, shopping and services, schools, diversity, green space and health and environment.  Surprisingly…

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Frederick Douglass Boulevard Continues To Impress

What we’re happiest about is that that the location is being recognized for what is always has been – a neighborhood.

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UPDATE: Marcus Samuelsson will open up a restaurant in Harlem, Red Rooster is the name

By HarlemCondoLife I am quickly learning that any move Chef Marcus Samuelsson makes it’s like hot cakes. I saw all the online chatter Wednesday (again) and a post on Twitter about Samuelsson opening up a restaurant in Harlem….

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V & T

By HarlemHouse It’s all about the sauce!  This Pizzeria has been around forever.  Since 1945 to be exact.  Though it has been strongly supported by Columbia University residents throughout the years, it reaches a much broader audience of…

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Where were you when Barack Obama became President?

By NativeNewYorker That’s the question people will be asking each other for the next few weeks and the question our children and grandchildren will ask us a decade from now. For those who aren’t making the trek to…

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Now is the time to buy in Harlem

As I started my Sunday routines it occurred to me that now is a great time to buy in Harlem – as many past, present and future posts in this blog will attest. Prices have remained firm. Businesses…

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