November 13th, 2012 by harlemhouse

Dreams in Color

Artist Ray Tucker is pleased to present his sophomore solo photography exhibition Dreams in Color.  This show is a collaboration with notable Harlem fashion and culture boutique, THE VAULT.

The vivid colors on display represent open mindedness and creativity, protesting the notion that dreams occur in black and white.  The photos are a combination of colorful abstract urban imagery and still life displayed with a unique metallic finish.  The frames are also artworks which feature original paintings of inspirational and philosophical text offering “interpretations” of each dream.  Ray Tucker is a Harlem based artist and this is his first showing within the neighborhood.  THE VAULT has been a fixture in the community since 2006 and is the perfect venue to display fine art with an urban edge.   Dreams in Color will run for no less than two weeks and all the pieces in the show are one-of-kind and personalized although similar versions may be available upon request.


WHAT:  Join Ray Tucker of at THE VAULT specialty boutique forDreams in Color; his sophomore solo photography exhibition.
WHO:  Music lovers, art lovers, lovers of love, and everyone in between.                                                                             WHEN:  Opening Thursday November 29, 2012 @ 7pm (minimum two week run)                                                        WHERE:         THE VAULT
2498 Frederick Douglass Boulevard,

New York, NY 10030 

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May 4th, 2010 by Icare4Harlem

Harlem Condo Life

By Icare4Harlem

Whenever I’m asked, “What do you like about living in NYC?” initially I am compelled to provide the obvious “restaurants, Broadway, shopping experience” answer.  And although these are great reasons, I prefer to preface my response with “the diversity.”  Walk down any city block and you will be exposed to a vast array of people and cultures.

As I was attempting to locate a specific business on 125th St. in Harlem, I passed by the H & M Art and Home Furnishings Center. I had only planned to stop in and take a quick look but as I entered the store, it became evident that I would need more time to view the contents.

At first glance, the walls appeared to be filled with framed images of mainly African American art.  Upon closer inspection, the stacks of posters and prints revealed a wide range of subjects.  There were pictures appropriate of for any room in your home.  As I moved to the art pieces, I was pleasantly surprised to see a variety of physical objects of all shapes and sizes displayed on furniture, also available for purchase.  There is a custom framing section which offers a 1-hour service (if they’re not too busy) but usually no more than one day.

The staff is quite willing to assist you, without hovering.  I found them most accommodating and helpful in their suggestions for framing ideas.  As with any art or home décor business the products are based on personal taste.  H & M may or may not meet your needs but its worth taking a look.

H & M Art and Furnishing Center

17 East 125th St.

(Between 5th and Madison)


Mon. – Sat. 10AM – 8PM

Sun. 12 Noon – 6PM

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April 11th, 2010 by

by HarlemOnaBudget

Last week I had the pleasure of stopping by the Studio Museum in Harlem to see their spring 2010 project titled Collected. Reflections on the Permanent Collection. This collection of eight distinct exhibits features a mix of media materials and artwork given to the museum and explores how art is produced and presented.

Abstract by Julie Meheretu (from SMH website)

Of the eight exhibits, my favorite was “Catalogue: Systems of Dis/Order”, an exhibit displaying artwork that challenges normal perceptions of order with various creative patterns and shapes. I was also drawn to a collage entitled “Panthera” by Mickalene Thomas.

While “Catalogue: Systems of Dis/Order” and “Panthera” were some personal highlights, all eight exhibits have interesting and beautiful artwork. It was a great way to spend the afternoon. The exhibits will be on display through June 27th (Admission $7, free on Sundays) at the Studio Museum in Harlem, 144 West 125th Street (between Powell and Malcom X Blvds).  I definitely recommend stopping by!

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