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East Harlem-based Morrison Zhu Goodman Realty Group has filed applications for two eight-story, 12-unit residential buildings at 1525-1527 Bryant Avenue, in the West Bronx’s Longwood section. Each of them will measure 14,325 square feet, and across both, their residential units should average 715 square feet apiece, indicative of rental apartments. Amenities include bicycle storage, laundry facilities, recreational rooms, and rooftop terraces. Midtown South-based Node Engineering & Consulting is the applicant of record.
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Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 12.11.17 PM

Saint Patrick’s Day: Google Doodle marks patron saint of Ireland, as they continue to provide creative and artistic designs for their “search window.”

Wishing a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day today to all of our Irish friends in New York and around the country.  Enjoy the celebration and be safe!

Here is a list of 10 things you may not know about Saint Patrick.


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October 12th, 2013 by harlemhouse


Chad Harper (Hip Hop Saves Lives) and Negus World bring you  “Let’s Take It Higher” at Carnegie Hall November 3rd, 2013 at 8:30 pm.  A Kids Helping Kids Benefit Concert for Clean Water in Haiti.  Please repost and retweet or buy tickets  for a very good cause to help sell out their concert at CARNEGIE HALL!

This night celebrates hip hop’s African roots and honors the father of hip hop, DJ Kool Herc.  He is credited with developing the breakbeat, a percussion solo that originated in indigenous African culture as a way to communicate, worship, and perform ceremonies.  Students of the youth program Kids Helping Kids: a Hip Hop Experience open the show. Other performers include Nice and Smooth, a group that embodies hip hop’s culture, a special performance honoring health and birthing rights activist Ruth Lubic, and world roots artists Zing Experience and Brown Rice Family, representing the music that inspired hip hop.

HarlemCondoLife also just received word from Hip Hop Saves Lives that The Associated Press http://www.ap.org/, (arguably the best journalism in the world that was founded in 1846, AKA the Marines of journalism “the first in, the last out”) has just agreed to do a piece on RAKIM AT CARNEGIE HALL!!!!!!!!!!!! Big and exciting news as everyone involved have been working so hard towards this event.

Hip Hop has never looked so good!  Tickets available at  www.carnegiehall.org. See you there!

For further information on Kids Helping Kids click on LINK.


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July 26th, 2013 by harlemhouse

Kids helping Kids is a youth program where children are taught humanity through hip hop.  Listen to the explanation on “why hip hop” by Founder and CEO “Chad Harper” of Hip Hop Saves Lives and learn more about this organization and their upcoming appearance at Carnegie Hall.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 11.25.01 AM


Hip Hop was birthed out of a gang truce in the South Bronx that happened on Dec. 8th 1971. This gang truce was celebrated weekly as all the gangs would come together and party in honor of the peace. A gang called The Ghetto Brothers which was formed as a gang to create peace was behind this treaty and weekly parties. The Ghetto Brothers were also a live band and performed each week at the celebrations. From these parties the culture of Hip Hop woud be born. Kool Herc began DJing on Aug 11th 1973 which is Hip Hop’s official birthday. Kool Herc is credited as the father of Hip Hop because he extended the break beat by playing two of the same record and looping the break beat over and over. This he called the Merry-go-round. This dj technique is what created Break dancing or what the original Hip Hop heads call Breakin’. The extended break beat ignited dance battles and crews formed to compete. As the word spread of the new dj and dance style DJ Kool Herc’s parties became the most popular in the Bronx. He then got a microphone and began to give shout outs to his friens and local celebrites at the parties. This was the birth of the MC or rapper. This addition would transform the community culture of celebrating peace to a music form that would cirlce the globe!
My name is Chad Harper. Founder and CEO of Hip Hop Saves Lives, a non-profit organization that teaches humanity through Hip Hop by celebrating the works of everyday heroes around the globe through songs and videos. My brother Johwell St-Cilien founded an organization called Negus World. Negus means KING in an ethiopean language. His organization is a self empowerment movement around the world. Johwell also was a dancer and became a well known videograher in the dance community in NYC. We came together to create a youth program entitled KIDS HELPING KIDS; A HIP HOP EXPERIENCE. In this program we don’t just teach humanity through Hip Hop we create young humanitarians.
To celebrate Hip Hop’s 40th birthday we are taking Hip Hop’s original principles of PEACE LOVE UNITY AND HAVIN’ FUN which were outlined by the God Father of Hip Hop Afrika Bambaataa and going to Carnegie Hall for our youth to perform their intelligent music created in our program honoring everyday heroes. Hip Hop is American roots music so our youth will be joined on stage by world roots bands Brown Rice Family and Zing Experience.
This event is important to show our youth and youth around the world that there is a stage and most importantly an audience for intelligent music.
People around the world have their expressed dissapointment concerning the current state of hip hop for its negative language and actions towards its own community. THis current music is NOT what Hip Hop was founded on and we are here to take back the name Hip Hop and educate on the difference between Hip Hop and Rap music. One can rap about what ever they like and create Rap music but Hip Hop was founded on a peace treaty that created unity and expressed love, all while having fun!
If you love the true principles of Hip Hop and feel it’s important for the youth to have a tool that they love and can use to express themselves positively, then we need your support. We all know the power and influence of Hip Hop. We must make sure it continues to do what it was intended to do. We will see you at Carnegie Hall.

*Please help to spread the word about Hip Hop Saves Lives by tweeting, reposting or sharing this information within your community. You can also help by going to their Event Link NOW and buy a t-shirt or more to help the kids program to perform this November 3rd at Carnegie Hall.

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June 12th, 2013 by harlemhouse

Harlem Grooves Series – Support Music & Art

A collection of old and new soul, classic, house, hip hop, jazz  to get your weekend started right with not one but TWO new mixes. Missy Elliot, Fantasia, Elements of Life, Louie Vega, Pharrell, Daft Punk, Miquel, Chrisette Michele, 50 Cent, Gregory Porter, Marcus Canty, Kerri Chandler, India Arie, Frank Ocean, Inaya Day, Justin Timberlake, Stacey Barthe, Chris Brown, Cypress Hill, AL Green, Rick James, Mary J Blige, Notorious B.I.G., Tina Marie, Classics, New Music, Covers, mash-ups, instrumental grooves & dub edits… it’s all on there, just download and enjoy.

HARLEM GROOVES vol 1 (Download)

HARLEM GROOVES vol 2 (Download)

For restaurants/bars/retail stores with ipod/laptop digital systems Harlem Grooves Vol 1 & 2 are easy for download (no separate tracks) one audio file on iTunes and sound great back to back.


Harlem Grooves Series is a series featuring a variety of music and art.  We decided to feature artists for our covers for this Harlem Grooves series to support local artists along with local guest DJs podcasts which we will feature here in the months to come.  Harlem has a wide range of established artists as well as many up and coming new artists making their mark.  This cover for Harlem Grooves Vol 1 & 2 is by Shea Sullivan.  She is an artist, studied fashion at Parsons, graphic designer, blogger and during the day a corporate fashionista.  Vol 1 & 2 were compiled & mixed by RhythmDB for HCL (HarlemCondoLife)

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February 25th, 2013 by harlemhouse


Rubble Kings – The story of NYC’s 1970s gang subculture and how it influenced the cultural phenomenon that is hip hop.

Friend to our blog Chad Harper of Hip Hop Saves Lives, brought to our attention a new documentary Rubble Kings.  An important documentary about courage, hope and survival against all odds.  This movie is pretty much finished.  Unfortunately it can not be shown beyond festivals or private screenings because of music rights and archival footage that must be cleared.  Being able to pay for the songs and footage in this film is crucial to telling this story accurately and in its truest form.  It is almost there but just needs a little help in order to keep this film authentic and how the public deserves to see it in its true art form.  Chad says “Put your money where your mouth is all you hip hop heads, if you are tired of this crap being force fed to our youth then lets make a difference.”

RUBBLE KINGS is a story of survival, hope and empowerment that resonates with audiences from all backgrounds and walks of life.  It’s a testament to the influential power of a group of individuals and their ability to inspire a global movement.

You can do the same.  We still have a ways to go on this journey!  Every donation counts, and brings us one step closer to our goal!

Please help by donating and inspiring others to do the same.


NOTE:  There are plenty of ways to help.  If you cannot help financially then help by spreading the word – repost, facebook or tweet this kickstarter post to all of your friends.

Music / Art / History.

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September 18th, 2012 by harlemhouse

“My job is not to worry about the 47 percent.  My job is to be President of the 53 percent.”

– Mitt Romney


* Register to vote, the 47 percent need to be heard.  Please vote this year our future depends on it.

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June 11th, 2011 by HarlemGuy

By HarlemGuy

A few years ago a few residents in my building organized a clothing collection drive.  It went well if I recall.  Which is why is was so pleased to receive a flier in the mail regarding re-fashionNYC, an innovate program making it easy for buildings to simplify the art of giving.  The one thing I would like even more is to see one of these in my building.  Or in any building.  Take our poll and let us know if you’ve seen any of these in Harlem and if so where.

Below are excerpts from NYC.gov’s web site.



Annually NYC residents throw away approximately 200,000 tons of clothes, towels, blankets, curtains, shoes, handbags, belts, and other textiles and apparel. Why New Yorkers sometimes choose to toss out rather than donate their unwanted clothes is believed to be a matter of convenience.

re-fashioNYC is a partnership between the City of New York and Housing Works to make clothing donation as easy as possible through convenient in-building drop-off service.

The partnership is unique because it provides any participating building of 10 units or more with convenient donation services at no cost to the building or taxpayers. The program is expected to grow slowly in response to participation requests and Housing Works ability to expand its services.

How the Program Works

If you’re a building owner or manager of a building with more than 10 units, you’ll be the one to sign up.

Step 1: fill out online inquiry form with basic information about your building or site. We will then send you a program application where you will need to include contact information for an on-site staff person (an on-site manager, custodian, porter, doorman, or other on-site employee) who we will train to call or email us when the bin is full, or if there are any questions or concerns about the program.

Step 2: We work with you to schedule a site visit. During the visit, we’ll discuss how many bins you want, what sizes are best for you, and where they should be placed. We’ll also answer any general questions you have about waste prevention, reuse, and recycling in your building.

Step 3: We provide you with re-fashioNYC Service Plan confirming all the details of your participation. After you’ve reviewed the plan, we’ll schedule the delivery of your donation bin on a first-come, first-served basis.  This may take up to three months.

After you receive your bins, simply call or email us when a pickup is needed. We guarantee collection within 5 business days. If your bin fills up on a regular basis, we can pre-schedule set pickups. If anything comes up, you can reach us right away.

Tax receipts are available. People who drop donations in the bin that are valued at less than $250 can use the tax receipt forms supplied with the bin itself. Donations over $250 must be brought to a Housing Works Thrift Shop location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items can be deposited into the re-fashioNYC donation bins?
We encourage donations of any clean fabric or material, including clothing, towels, linens, curtains, or clean rags; as well as shoes and accessories such as belts and handbags.

What is the size of the re-fashioNYC donation bins and what do they look like?
re-fashioNYC donation bins are roughly six feet high and four feet wide. The larger size is approximately 3 1/2 feet deep and the smaller size is roughly 2 feet deep. Bins are assembled on site by our crews. The bins are heavy gauge metal and tamper-proof. They are white with attractive graphics and instructions telling people how to use the bin.

If I’m a tenant, how do I get my building signed up?
Use our online inquiry form to let us know where to send an invitation letter and brochure. We’ll contact your building manager and encourage them to sign up.

What are the responsibilities of the on-site staff person?
One or more staff agree to meet us for an initial site visit and be there when the donation bins are delivered. Then they just contact us when the bins are nearly full, or if other issues arise. That’s it!

How will we know when the re-fashioNYC donation bin is (nearly) full?
The donation bin we supply is designed so you can see into the top area. It will be clear to the responsible site person when it’s time to call for service.

What if someone throws garbage in the re-fashioNYC donation bin?
If this happens (which should be rare), we will collect the contents and work with you to resolve the issue through educational materials for your tenants.

Is it OK to deposit items in plastic bags?
Yes, you can deposit donations loose or in bags. Clear plastic bags are encouraged.

How do individuals get tax receipts for their donations?
The outside of the clothing bin contains a supply of forms that donors can use to list their donations. Donation receipt forms can also be printed out online. No validation is needed for tax purposes if donations are valued at $250 or under. Any donation valued at more than $250 can be validated by bringing the form, along with the donation, to any Housing Works Thrift Shop location.

What if we no longer want to participate in re-fashioNYC?
Simply contact us and we’ll arrange to have the donation bin(s) removed.

Is there a limit to how many buildings can participate in re-fashioNYC?
No, we want as many buildings to participate as possible! With nearly 200,000 tons of clothing, linens, and accessories going into the garbage every year, we need every donation we can get. However, because this is a new program, enrollment will take place on a first-come, first-served basis, with an initial waiting period of up to three months for bin placement.  Once your bin is installed, we’ll guarantee to respond to your calls for pickup within five business days.

What happens to clothes and other items deposited into the re-fashioNYC donation bins?
Your donations will be picked up and transported to Housing Works’ warehouse in Queens for sorting. Some donations will be sold in Housing Works’ shops throughout NYC or at one of their regular “all-you-can-stuff” warehouse sales. Some leftovers from these sales will be shipped to another nonprofit thrift shop in Haiti, while others will be made available to different nonprofit thrift shops for sale in their stores. The rest will be sold to a used textile merchant for recycling or export to overseas markets. In all cases, the profits generated from the sale of your donations will benefit low-income and homeless New Yorkers living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

How does re-fashioNYC differ from other clothing donation programs?
Unlike existing thrift shops and charitable operations that receive donations in their shops or pick up door to door, re-fashioNYC allows you to make donations from the convenience of your own building whenever you want. In contrast to for-profit used clothing companies that supply similar collection bins, re-fashioNYC is 100% nonprofit and charitable.

Does this program cost NYC any money?
No. NYC oversees the operations of the program but it is self-funded through the sale of your donations.

Why was Housing Works selected as the charitable partner for re-fashioNYC?
Of the many charitable organizations that answered New York City’s partnership offer, Housing Works proposed the best plan for getting the most value out of the donations and routing them back to help New Yorkers in need. According to this partnership, Housing Works is the sole and exclusive textile recycler operating on behalf of New York City.

What is the mission of Housing Works?
Housing Works is a healing community of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Their mission is to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through relentless advocacy, the provision of lifesaving services, and entrepreneurial businesses that sustain their efforts.

Why can’t clothing be left at the curb for recycling collection?
If these materials get wet, their value is destroyed. Placing a free re-fashioNYC donation bin at your building allows people to bring clothing and linens to a convenient and dry location. This ensures that items remain valuable and can go to good use. It also offers a way for us to provide tax receipts for donations.”

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August 1st, 2010 by Harlem Condo Life

By Austin2Harlem
This past Friday (July 31), I was the first to tell you about the change taking place at 2052 Frederick Douglass Blvd.-that’s where Grand Liquors use to be. I was hoping for a food joint, but now know that will not be the case. I have confirmation that CheckSpring Bank, the Bronx-founded banking company, is moving into that space in Harlem. As a matter a fact, they’re trying to open this Wednesday. The construction crew was working today (August 1) non-stop.
Oh well…so much for my desire to have a Thai food place or diner open up on FDB in Harlem. Maybe someday? I guess the more appropriate thing to say now is “Welcome to the neighborhood, CheckSpring Bank.”

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