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Harlem Real Estate Market Key Indicators as of Sun Aug 17 2014

Below is a snapshot of key indicators for Harlem’s real estate market, courtesy of Trulia.com.  Click here for additional details.

Our humble assessment:  For those seeking value on “the island” (of Manhattan that is) Harlem continues to sizzle.  South Harlem remains desirable and as such continues to become more expensive.  However Harlem is huge.  And people are curious about the buzz.  So they are exploring new markets in Harlem.  Some of our current favorites include but are not limited to: West Harlem including South Harlem (aka SOHA, Harlem Restaurant Row) from 125th to 145th, Central Harlem from 110th to 135th, and East Harlem from 96th to 125th.

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If you are thinking about living in Harlem, please check out the seminal work about Harlem, featured below.




Harlem is perhaps the most famous, iconic neighborhood in the United States. A bastion of freedom and the capital of Black America, Harlem's twentieth century renaissance changed our arts, culture, and politics forever. But this is only one of the many chapters in a wonderfully rich and varied history. In Harlem, historian Jonathan Gill presents the first complete chronicle of this remarkable place.

From Henry Hudson's first contact with native Harlemites, through Harlem's years as a colonial outpost on the edge of the known world, Gill traces the neighborhood's story, marshaling a tremendous wealth of detail and a host of fascinating figures from George Washington to Langston Hughes. Harlem was an agricultural center under British rule and the site of a key early battle in the Revolutionary War. Later, wealthy elites including Alexander Hamilton built great estates there for entertainment and respite from the epidemics ravaging downtown. In the nineteenth century, transportation urbanized Harlem and brought waves of immigrants from Germany, Italy, Ireland, and elsewhere. Harlem's mix of cultures, extraordinary wealth and extreme poverty was electrifying and explosive.

Extensively researched, impressively synthesized, eminently readable, and overflowing with captivating characters, Harlem is an ambitious, sweeping history, and an impressive achievement.
List Price: $20.00 USD
New From: $11.07 USD In Stock
Used from: $4.71 USD In Stock

Ricardo Steak House (Review) in East Harlem



Ricardo Steak House doesn’t need help from a blog to bring them any business, but a reader of HarlemCondoLife asked us recently why we have never reviewed Ricardo’s?  Since then I’ve been trying to go back there to take some photos and see if it was as good as I had remembered.  Living in West Harlem I don’t get over to East Harlem as much as I’d like too. So this past weekend we headed over with another blogger from DestinationHarlemTV and had dinner on Saturday night.  It was as good as I had remembered if not even maybe a little better. This is not a place for your parents and your kids, this is a place for us.  The people are loud, the music is loud and the food is excellent!  The atmosphere on a weekend night you can expect people out in front waiting for a table to free up. It’s normally not too bad of a wait if you come early.  There is a nice bar area as you walk towards a large dinning area which spills out onto a great covered porch area with additional seating.  A really nice touch is that the porch is open all year long.  If you are not the type of person that likes a party, this is not the place for you.  If you are looking for a party with your steak, this is your place.  Music is pumping, the hostesses are very attractive and friendly, the servers are really efficient and the steaks in my opinion are one of the best in Harlem.  You feel well taken care of which is pretty spectacular considering all the chaos that the staff seem to manage with an experienced ease.  If you are coming up from downtown Manhattan it is worth the trip.  If you are coming over from West Harlem or down from Upper Harlem, you won’t be disappointed.  Wardrobe is a little of everything (it was a very hot summer night the night we were there) some were dressed casually in shorts (including one of my friends) but the majority of the crowd were dressed to impress.  Especially the Ladies.


To begin with you will start with a basket of Garlic Bread which they are somewhat famous for.  Toasted served warm and would be very easy to fill up on before your dinner. I’d recommend the Sauteed Garlic Shrimp with mixed greens appetizer, very refreshing in an herb white wine sauce.  They have a real nice variety and selection of appetizers to choose from (see MENU) but also listen to their specials of the day.  For dinner one of my friends had the Skirt Steak with Grilled Shrimp, Mashed Potatoes and String Beans which he liked a lot. Big cut of steak too. I also recommend the Filet Mignon which was cooked and seasoned perfectly and a large cut (8 oz) of steak. This comes with roasted Red Bliss Potatoes and Garlic Spinach.  The red potato side was one of the best I’d ever had.  I normally like mashed and was considering the plantains which I’d had once before  but I would definitely get the red bliss again when I go back.  My other friend had the Prime Rib with Mashed Potatoes and Juicy Basil Tomato Wedges.  I’d like to order this next time but might add a side of sweet plantains.  There are a lot of other options if you are not a steak lover from Fish N’ Chicks to Pastas.


The vibe is very much a neighborhood and regulars crowd who continue to come back for the good service and great food.  Reminded me of all the other places I like in East Harlem that we need to blog more about here at HarlemCondoLife.  If you haven’t yet experienced Ricardo Steak House I definitely would recommend it.  I can’t wait to go back.  I recommend for dinner to eat in the main dinning room or the porch area.  Be prepared to wait a little bit but it goes quickly.  Just order a sangria or mojito at the bar and enjoy people watching and the music by the DJ.  Or you can wait outside in front until your name is called.  We waited no longer than 15 minutes and sat in the main room.


Atmosphere: Fun, loud, festive
Food: Excellent steak, flavorful, reasonably priced
Music: Great, hiphop, classics, spanish, house
Crowd: Attractive, youngish, neighborhood, mixed
Location: On 2nd Ave between 110th & 111th Street

Ricardo Steak House in East Harlem, NY

The 2013 National Puerto Rican Day Parade June 9th!



WEPA!!!  This Sunday, June 9th the 2013 National Puerto Rican Day Parade celebrates their 56th annual event held in New York City.  This year will make it the 18th event as a National Organization.

This has become an event for many of us Harlemites to look forward to every year with it’s rich culture, live music and festive celebrations.  The Parade starts at 11am along 5th Avenue from 44th Street to 79th Street.  After the Parade finishes the party will continue uptown in East Harlem, West Harlem and all around!  Check your local venues for planned events throughout Harlem honoring Puerto Rican Pride and feel free to post in our “comments” section below, if you would like to promote an event.  Here are 2 different outdoor music events we recently blogged about happening this Sunday  to check out after the parade.


The 7th Annual Mafrika Music Festival

Sunday Sermon is Back June 9th in Harlem


The 2013 Parade this year has been dedicated to Puerto Ricans and Health. The Parade Honorees include:









DETAILS – National Puerto Rican Day Parade INFO

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 1.02.20 PM 

Harlem ArtCrawl features El Barrio Artists

Black and White Series by Cecilia Moreno Yaghoubi

By NativeNewYorker

Next Saturday, April 14th, you can take a ride on the ArtCrawl trolley as it makes its rounds – this year’s tour to selected East Harlem galleries and public spaces will showcase Hispanic artists. The informative tour (12 noon- 4 pm) will be followed by dinner (4pm -6pm), complete with wine and music.

Jacqueline & Averlyn

ArtCrawl was created by Jacqueline Orange and Averlyn Archer to introduce New Yorkers to the many galleries and art spaces in Harlem. The guided tour & dinner are $55 per person. Art will be available for purchase. Call 212 866-7427 or go to www.artcrawlharlem.com to reserve your seat.

For more information about Harlem please also see www.HarlemTrends.com.