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Global Summer (World Traveler Mix) for HarlemCondoLife by RhythmDB

By HarlemHouse Harlemcondolife releases it’s fourth complimentary mix:  Global Summer (World Traveler) Mix. A musical journey of hand-picked tracks that will take you on a journey through a variety of cultures and styles, much like you will find…

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Harlem’s Open-Air African Market

By NativeNewYorker You’ve probably noticed it when you go across 116th Street – the colorful  entrance is hard to miss.  But if you’ve never gone inside, you are missing one of Harlem’s more unique experiences.  Stepping through the…

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Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

By HarlemHouse America’s greatest cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, now stands open for the public to view in it’s full glory.  It is located on Amsterdam and 112 th St. right here in Harlem.  Since…

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