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The L Lounge in Harlem – Great Place for a Drink

The L Lounge

If you have not yet stopped by the L Lounge in Harlem, you are definitely missing out.  Visually it is an attractive hang out space with its colorful brightly lit bar and smooth comfortable lounge area located on the corner of Frederick Douglass Boulevard and 115th Street.  Many nights you can catch some live jazz as well which only adds to the ambience.

Stop in Tuesday through Saturdays and visit with one of the friendly bartenders next time you are looking for a spot to meet up with your friends.

See our previous post by NativeNewYorker on L Lounge and it’s connection to Londel Davis, owner of  Londel’s Supper Club.

The L Lounge
2141 Frederick Douglass Boulevard
New York, NY 10026
(Neighborhood Bar: Harlem)

(212) 961-1010

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Jado Sushi – Grand Opening in Harlem

Jado Sushi

Last night was the Grand Opening of Jado Sushi in Harlem and it was an enjoyable night and a great crowd.  It has actually already been open for two weeks now but the Grand Opening makes it official.

This early evening cocktail party included a variety of delicious Hors d’oeuvres and selected sushi along with wine and prosecco.  They have an extensive wine menu here at Jadu Sushi which comes to no surprise as Nobu Otsu also owns The Winery just up the street.

At one point it felt like the who’s who of Harlem.  Melba Wlison, owner of Melbas, Londel Davis, owner of Londel’s Supper Club and The L Lounge, Lia Sanfilippo, one of the owners of The Five and Diamond, Henock Kejela, owner of ZomaErnesto Gonzalez, one of the owners of Harlem Food Bar and Clarence Cooper the general manager for over 30 years (now retired) at Sylvia’s, were just a few of the guests showing their support and welcoming Jado Sushi to the neighborhood.  It was also nice to meet bloggers I had never met before for the first time and people in the Harlem media.

With good company, mellow jazz music playing, great wine and delicious appetizers  you cannot go wrong.  Stop by and check out Jado Sushi for yourself.  With their full menu now available you have even more to choose from.

Welcome Jado Sushi and congratulations.   If the crowds are any indication diners have been waiting for a sushi restaurant like this to come to the neighborhood and are happy that you are here.

Jado Sushi Harlem Condo Life

Jado Sushi Harlem

*Click here to see their location and our Review of Jado Sushi.

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Londel’s New Lounge Opens at 2131 Frederick Douglass

By NativeNewYorker

Londel Davis, longtime Harlemite & owner of Londel’s Supper Club at 2620 Frederick Douglass, has opened his new “L” Lounge about 25 blocks south of his well known restaurant. There is no sign on the door yet but friends who attended a pre-opening private event say the lounge is named for the long since dismantled 8th Avenue elevated train, pictures of which adorn

Pushcart vendors under the 8th Avenue elevated train at West 145th Street, Harlem, May 8, 1939.

8th Avenue El, May 1939

this classy new addition to Harlem’s “Gold Coast”. Fans of Londel’s unique blend of “continental, Cajun, and traditional Southern cuisine” will still have to travel to the 139th Street establishment – his new place is a bar lounge, not a restaurant.

(Historical image courtesy of the New York Public Library Digital Gallery, Image ID 1811327)

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Breaking News: Harlem’s Questans To Become Seafood Store

By HarlemGuy

Questans, (see HarlemHouse’s previous review), our beloved music- infused seafood restaurant and bar, is undergoing a transformation.

I stopped by today and learned that Questans is transforming into a seafood store where not only can you get fresh seafood to cook at home, but also seafood cooked to order.

This is a welcome addition to Frederick Douglass Boulevard.

Questan’s is located on one of the hottest blocks in Harlem, next to Bier International, Society Cafe, Melbas, Harlem Tavern, the soon to be Londels and butcher shop (both at the Livmor) just to name a few.

We welcome the new addition!

A Friday Night at Londel’s Supper Club in Harlem

By NativeNewYorker

I had dinner at Londel’s last Friday to celebrate my cousin’s birthday.  I hadn’t been there in quite a while and I am sorry I waited so long.  In his most recent expansion, Londel added a very attractive bar and a sidewalk cafe.  I arrived a little late but my cousin had run into a couple of friends at the bar and was already enjoying herself.  We waited there until her two goddaughters arrived and then we chose an inside table.  

The food is still terrific and our waiter was warm, friendly, and knowledgeable.  Londel’s serves a mix of “continental, cajun and southern cuisine” and, since everything is prepared to order by Chef Kenny Heatley, they can accommodate individual preferences and health conscious choices.  I had the smothered pork chops with yellow rice (okay, not the most health conscious choice but it was a special occasion); my cousin had the barbecued ribs with Londel’s famous macaroni & cheese, after the crab cake appetizer.  One goddaughter had the fried pork chops and the other ordered the seafood special, both with the mac & cheese, of course.  We all thoroughly enjoyed our meal and the first set of the Brandon Sanders Quartet, who played an interesting mix of jazz and classic rhythm & blues.  

Londel Davis, Owner

Londel’s has come a long way since its owner, Londel Davis, (who grew up in Harlem) converted a portion of his neighborhood barber shop into a restaurant in the early 1990’s.  His clientele includes celebs and political notables, as well as many faithful Harlemites and other New Yorkers.  Check out their photo gallery to see who has been there recently.  Londel’s is on the 8th Avenue (now known as Frederick Douglass Boulevard) end of Striver’s Row, one of Harlem’s historic blocks.  It is a great place to have a drink or a meal and it is a favorite for Sunday brunch.    

Londel’s Supper Club

2620 Frederick Douglass Boulevard  (between 139th & 140th Streets)

Phone: 212 234-6114                 email: londeld@aol.com

Open Tues-Sat 11:30am-11:00pm

Sunday Brunch:  11:30am-5pm

Closed Mondays

Jazz / R&B on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm & 10 pm (Performance cover charge)