August 28th, 2013 by HarlemGuy


The transformation of the former deli/99 cent store on the corner of 114 and FDB is almost complete. TriBeCa Pediatrics will join a growing number of businesses catering to kids in South Harlem.  We look forward to the addition to the neighborhood.

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March 30th, 2011 by Harlem Condo Life

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife
We received some wonderful and different news in our inbox yesterday! It’s generally real estate stuff in our inbox. We were informed that Land Yoga will be opening up a yoga studio at 2110 Frederick Douglass Blvd. The exact location is right next to Franz James Floral Boutique in The Douglass Condo.

Land Yoga in Harlem is expected to open in about two months. The space will include two private rooms and will offer adult classes as well as extensive children’s programing, including yoga mini camp this summer on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00-4:30 PM. Land Yoga is also seeking wellness practitioners in acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, or Alexander technique who are interested in subletting space in Central Harlem.

We were also informed by Land Yoga they are running for a very special grant opportunity that will support their dream to bring yoga to the Harlem community. They need 1,000 votes by this Thursday, March 31. To vote and support Land Yoga, text the word Land to 244326. There is no charge and no spam. Participants will receive two follow-up texts asking name and reasons for voting for this business. Participants must respond to these texts to finalize your vote.

If you want to “like” and learn more about Land Yoga, check out their Facebook page or better yet, learn about the yogi launching Land Yoga by clicking here!

Again, this is refreshing news. We couldn’t be more excited! Namaste!

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March 7th, 2011 by Harlem Condo Life

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife
The tax deadline for filing 2010 income taxes is about six weeks away! Have you completed filing your taxes? If not, there is a new business in the area that can assist!

The good folks over at Jet Income Tax have contacted us saying they are open for business at 2112 Frederick Douglass Blvd. and are available to assist with your tax preparation needs! During tax season, they’re open from Monday through Sunday from 9 AM to 8 PM. According to Marisa Louis, the owner, Jet offers an array of services for the Harlem community, such as bookkeeping for small businesses, financial advice, tax audits, and state sales tax and payroll tax preparation.

So if you’re looking for help in dealing with the tax man, here is one resource in Harlem to consider!

Jet Income Tax
2112 Frederick Douglass Blvd.
New York NY 10026
Office: 212-932-3200
Fax: 212-932-3290

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February 12th, 2011 by Harlem Condo Life

By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife
February 12 is one busy day for some new local businesses opening up in Harlem. As I told you, Lido Italian Restaurant and Bar was scheduled to open before Valentine’s Day and they are now open. Go check them out and tell us what you think of the new digs.

Last night on my way home, I saw folks working inside Franz James Floral Boutique, located at 2114 Frederick Douglass Blvd. I walked in to see what was up. While there, I met the owners, Franz and James (hence the name of the business), and they told me they were opening today, February 12. They will be offering full flower art services, such as arrangements/center pieces for any occasion, and they will be selling loose flowers as well.

By the way, James of Franz James  told me he is from Harlem and continues to live here. So this new business is partially owned and operated by a Harlemite. The same is partially true for Lido. Susannah, co-proprietor, lives in Harlem as well. It’s great to know this. However, we all know a solid product has to be offered.

So if you want to check out these new businesses on Frederick Douglass Blvd. They’re open…starting today!

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January 15th, 2011 by Harlem Condo Life

By HarlemGal
2114 Frederick Douglass Blvd. will be smelling like roses, orchids and tulips soon. This is one of the retail spaces in The Douglass Condominium that has apparently rented out its commercial space to Franz James Floral Boutique. Big signs are up on the windows saying “Coming Soon.” I went to the website listed and all its says is “website builder and flower as art.”

I have never heard of Franz James Floral Boutique. I generally by my flowers over in East Harlem on the corner of Lexington and 116th Street. Is anyone familiar with this shop? Is it a first store for Franz James? And does anyone know if this is a local business person? Chime in here or tell us on Twitter.

Either way,it’s another business opening up on the award-winning Frederick Douglass Blvd!

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September 8th, 2010 by Harlem Condo Life

By HarlemGal

On August 11, we told you about a new pharmacy going up on the southwest corner of Lenox Avenue and 116th Street. Some of you commented on how close this pharmacy was to the CVS pharmacy located on the northeast corner of Lenox Ave and 116th. We now know the exact name of the business at 102 Lenox Avenue. Harlem Rx Inc. will soon be opening in that space in Harlem. They have a coming soon sign and a phone number for the public to see. However, there is no exact date of opening for business?

From the exterior looks of the place, this pharmacy looks like a locally owned business, which is a nice surprise and definitely a good thing for the community!

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September 1st, 2010 by Harlem Condo Life

By HarlemGal
Back in July, we told how 2220 Frederick Douglass Blvd was being prepped as a beauty salon. We have now learned of the exact name of the business going into that space. Bibi Salon is moving in! Date of opening is still TBD.
Based on their rate sheet, they will be offering a full line of services, such as a lash bar, facial hair removal, make-up, hair styling/extensions/treatments, and mani/pedis. Bibi’s price point ranges from $30 to $250 depending on the service.
My guess is Bibi Salon will be doing pretty good given their location. They’re gonna be surrounded by plenty of condos that are slowly filling up! However, they’re gonna have to compete with Polished Finger Tips and Z Nail Salon who both offer mani/pedis for reasonable prices.
Welcome to the Harlem neighborhood Bibi! And good luck with the opening!

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August 11th, 2010 by Harlem Condo Life

Has anyone noticed the construction taking place on the southwest corner of Lenox Avenue and 116th Street? This was another interesting tidbit I stumbled across over the weekend, however, not as interesting to date as the sales rep at 2280 FDB talking about Busboys and Poets moving into their space.
The sign says it’s becoming a pharmacy. Does anyone know if it’s going to be a locally owned pharmacy or one of those mammoth businesses, such as a CVS or Walgreens? It had all those stapled notices on the plywood, but I don’t know how to read or interpret all those legal fliers. Does anyone know what’s up? Diganos!

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May 16th, 2009 by Harlem Condo Life

By HarlemGal



On my way to Chase Bank, I noticed that Quality Dry Cleaner was having their Grand Opening today for its new location on Frederick Douglass Blvd between 116th and 117th Street. I met the owner and he said “they have been in business in Harlem for more than ten years with another location on 121st Street and for me to kindly not characterize them as new to the community.” Understood Mr. Owner! Congratulations on your expansion!



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October 28th, 2008 by Harlem Condo Life


HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife

Word on the Harlem street, between 112th and 113th on FDB, is that this is going to be a sandwich place. Yummy.  With the hanging of purple drapes, I assumed wine bar.  Maybe its sandwiches and wine? Tell us if you know.  Either way HarlemCondoLife looks forward to another new biz, whose product is potentially food, to the neighborhood!

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