December 19th, 2009 by HarlemGuy

By HarlemGuy 

Credit: InvincibleCities


Christmas and New Years are times of celebration.  They are also times for reflection.   And what better place to reflect on than our beloved Harlem.  

HarlemCondoLife’s mission has been to chronicle all that’s great about Harlem.  And we’ve uncovered an incredible and innovative way of doing so.  It’s called InvincibleCities. 

The site speaks for itself.    But in a nutshell, it uses photography and technology to chronicle changes of several urban landscapes.  One such landscape is Harlem.  

The first thing I did was check out my block to see what it looked like and compared it to what is there today.  Wow.   I’ve spent hours examining Harlem then and now through the lens of artist Camilo Jose Vergara.  My favorite so far has been examining locations that today have been transformed by new real estate projects, including Frederick Douglass Boulevard, between 110th and 125th, which many consider the “Gateway to Harlem”. 

How to use the site:

  1. Goto
  2. Click on “Harlem”.  
  3. Locate the map pane (upper left corner).  
  4. Move the bulls eye to the desired location.  
  5. Locate the photo phone (right below the map pane). 
  6. Click on each dot which represents a photo.   The photo will appear in the photo pain (to the right).   
  7. Click on the timeline below the photo to see the changes.
Having lived in Harlem for five years I have seen many changes myself.   This site makes that history available to everyone.
The sit is a  neat way to experience the real estate Renaissance in ways few can.

Join us in exploring the beauty, art and history that is Invincible Cities. 

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December 4th, 2009 by HarlemGuy

By HarlemGuy

HarlemCondoLife is pleased to announce the best decorated storefront window Christmas gallery. 

The idea is simple: send your favorites to us via email ( so we can share with others on a gallery on

I love to walk around Harlem and take in the creativity and care that local shop keepers put into their displays. 

My favorite at the moment is Posh Paws on Fred. Doug. Blvd. south of 115th street – see photo below. 

The photo below does not do it justice.  Looking for better ones so join in the fun and send us a favorite today! 

Even better yet, stop by, pay them a visit, purchase a gift, and take a pic. 

And let them know HarlemCondoLife sent you.

Help us  celebrate Harlem for the Holidays!

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