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MADE IN HARLEM (Winter Chill Part 3) Valentine’s Day Mix


Long time since we released MADE IN HARLEM (Winter Chill Part 2) but a lot of people like this series so we finally have Part 3!  Click here MADE IN HARLEM (Winter Chill Part 3) for the latest free download podcast on iTunes mixed by RhythmDB for Harlem Condo Life.  This heartfelt selection of music is perfect for Valentine’s Day but also good for all year long.  On this Podcast you will hear songs by…

Rihanna, Frank Ocean, Faith Evans, Sade, Solange, Raheem DeVaughn, The Floacist, Robin Thicke, Wiz Khalifa, Mary J Blige, Keyshia Cole, Eric Benet, Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz, Daddy Yankee, J. Alvarez, Kanye West, The Weekend and more.

Wishing you and yours a happy and soulful Valentine’s Day!

Bad Horse Pizza – Customers Calling

By HarlemGuy

I am a huge fan of Bad Horse Pizza. I’ve talked it up to all of my friends. And it’s now a favorite when having friends over for dinner. And my experience with the food, the service, etc has always been STELLAR. Which is why I was surprised that I was unable to get through to them on Sunday night when I tried to order my favorite meal with which to watch the annual Billboard Music Awards. There was simply no way to get past the busy signal. I hope this is because their food is just so good that they could not keep the phones on the hook. Having said that I also hope they increase phone capacity so that early adopters like me can keep enjoying the food and spreading the work about how much we love this place.

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