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Quote: Rihanna – on being self-aware

I wanted to ask her about being a young black woman with power in America but it seemed somehow wrong to speak of this; maybe she was postracial now. So I directed my question to a younger Rihanna,…

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MADE IN HARLEM (Winter Chill Part 3) Valentine’s Day Mix

… Long time since we released¬†MADE IN HARLEM (Winter Chill Part 2) but a lot of people like this series so we finally have Part 3! ¬†Click here MADE IN HARLEM (Winter Chill Part 3) for the latest…

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Bad Horse Pizza – Customers Calling

No Picture

By HarlemGuy I am a huge fan of Bad Horse Pizza. I’ve talked it up to all of my friends. And it’s now a favorite when having friends over for dinner. And my experience with the food, the…

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